Saturday, April 07, 2018

Saturday detention: Posting on Facebook and something about Vincenzo Paglia

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Today's controversy centers around Archbishop Paglia once again.  Even Janet Smith's mouth dropped over the LifeSite article which comes close to accusing the Archbishop of heresy.  These people are biased against Paglia (and of course Pope Francis) and LifeSite feeds into that bias.

They are apparently scandalized by the following remarks which LifeSite suggests is at variance with Catholic teaching:
According to Paglia, there is only a “domestic church” through unity with other families within the Church. 
“You are a domestic church by uniting yourself to other families,” said Paglia, who added that the family shouldn’t have “one center,” and “for this purpose, it’s better to have two centers: the parish and the family.” 
“This is of decisive importance for me,” said Paglia. “For example, what do you do with a believer who is alone? Is he excluded? No, he’s not excluded,” because he has the “family of Sunday.”
“Those who aren’t married? My family isn’t that of my mother and father . . . the true family is the family of the Church. Those among the elderly who are alone, they cannot remain alone in our houses. On Sunday they have to come to the Church, to the Mass of the community,” he continued. - LifeSite

To insure the character assassination is complete, the author concludes the article by noting the 'homosexual'  influence in the mural commissioned for his diocese.

While he was archbishop of the Italian diocese of Terni-Narni-Amelia, Paglia oversaw the creation of an “erotic” mural for his cathedral church that former members of the Pontifical Academy for Life called “blasphemous,” and even “demonic.” - LF

Cardinal Burke's words certainly could be better applied to LifeSiteNews as well:  They're part of the problem when it comes to “increasing the confusion” on the “most fundamental and important issues.”


  1. I often feel that LifeSiteNews is the National Enquirer of the Catholic online world. It starts with a nugget of truth and then goes all 14 year old teen girl drama to attract your attention. I avoid it.

  2. "Cardinal Burke's words certainly could be better applied to LifeSiteNews as well: They're part of the problem when it comes to “increasing the confusion” on the “most fundamental and important issues.”

    Nothing like rousing the crowds, eh? I recall you used the word, stirring. >x<

    And here ...

    "In his speech on Saturday, Cardinal Burke went on to explain how abuses of the fullness of power could be corrected. Hostiensis made it clear the Pope should be “warned of the error of his actions, even publicly” and that the College of Cardinals “should act as a de facto check against papal error.” But Hostiensis did not offer a “binding remedy,” the cardinal added. Instead, he argued that if, according to a well formed conscience, a member of the faithful believes a papal act of exercising the fullness of power is “sinful” then “the Pope must be disobeyed out of duty and the consequences of that disobedience suffered with Christian patience.”

    I read these two articles and no where did I read calls for charity, prayers for our Holy Father to respond accordingly or to have the CDF respond in his place - nothing in the slightest to suggest giving the Holy Father the benefit of doubt.

    I miss Cardinal Mueller who (imo) handled all of this so much more humbly and charitably towards our Holy Father. I'll take his example/word over Burke's any day.

    I will be praying for a solid and charitable resolution with a clear proclamation of the Catholic truth. I hope our Holy Father will respond and put this Catholic row to rest.


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