Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dante placed Pope Celestine in Hell.

Dante was wrong.

Just a reminder to those who have turned on Pope Benedict and condemn him and Pope Francis.  The commentary at 1P5 and sympathetic sites is wicked and scandalous.

If it happens that the Roman Pontiff resigns his office, 
it is required for validity that the resignation is 
made freely and properly manifested 
but not that it is accepted by anyone. - Canon 332, 2

There is a new Catholic blog in support of the Papacy called
check it out.


  1. It's between him and God. All we can do is accept the change in his State of life from Vicar of Christ to Father Joseph in his little hermitage, praying for the Church.

  2. "There is a new Catholic blog in support of the Papacy called *Where Peter Is* check it out."

    I did and I like what I see so far. Intelligent commentary I found to be uplifting and encouraging. I hope it will continue to be so.
    Thanks for the link, Terry!

  3. Someday you will all praise the 1Peter5 and Canon212 people for telling the truth when nobody else was. They are doing prophetic work.

    1. I don't think so Aloysius.

    2. @ Angela and Terry ... I concur.

    3. If Aloysius Beckett wrote the history books, we would be praising the Donatists, Montanists and Novatians while repudiating the church from 300 AD onwards. And Donald Sanborn would be the legitimate Pope. =)

      Excuse me if I believe that God's truth-tellers (the prophets and apostles) are hardly represented by a NEET blogger who admittedly indulges in the sin of sloth to get his "insights", an ill-tempered convert with language that would make a fisherwoman blush, or a potty-mouthed clickbait news aggregator who was booted from his previous news aggregator for being too over-the-top.

    4. Professor Q, please! I have three advanced theology degrees from institutions that are not known for their orthodoxy - the fact that you call yourself "professor" is hysterical. I know about the Donatists, Montanists, and Novatians...and I don't approve (to suggest I do is laughable). And that, my friend is EXACTLY why I don't approve of Francis. He too, like the Donatists, Montanists, and Novatians, is a heretic (at least to some degree even if not "formally" so). He has moved away from the constant teaching of the faith. As to your judgement about the personal sins of those who teach the truth, you should get to know many of the saints of the Church who were at times potty-mouthed, ill tempered, etc. God uses sinners to accomplish His will. My opinions on the current pontificate and the current situation in the Church comes from not only academia, but from my prayer. I am in a position to spend significant time in prayer each day (a gift, really), I am also in a position to have many friends in religious life (from serious contemplative orders), and in the priesthood. ALL of them agree with me, although they don't often say it publicly. Those with eyes to see can see what is going on. Those who spend hours in union with our Lord in prayer can see clearly what is happening - which, in essence, is a coordinated demonic attack on the Church causing confusion and division. This attack comes from those who want to re-write scripture, distort scripture, and loosen everything up so that sin no longer exists in the minds of Catholics. It is an attack that comes from the likes of Kasper, Marx, Parolin, and Francis. I pray that soon the barque of Peter will be righted, and that we will find our course once again. Until then, I will speak the truth. I will tell anyone who will listen that they must resist the current confusion and those who sow it.

    5. Dear Aloysius Beckett,

      I don't see what is "hysterical" about my calling myself "Professor" - in the first place, an Internet handle is just that, a pseudonym, and in the second place, I am (unless the good Lord calls me home before that) only a few years away from a legitimate professorship in a legitimate teaching institution that has nothing to do with theology. My current official rank is "additional professor", one of those quaint legacies from the British colonial system that I, as an Anglophile, find quite nice.

      The reason I do not use my actual name or designation online anymore is that when I did so, I was subjected to a failed attempt at "doxxing" (disclosing one's public address, etc.) by one of your Sedevacantist friends. While I have long since forgiven him for this, prudence dictates that I do not provide anyone of his ilk for a further occasion of sin - or jeopardize my own safety, as I have a young family to look after.

      My reference to the Donatists, etc... is simply this: that they broke with the church over what they felt was weak or insufficient discipline, and out of a fear that their association with the Church would somehow soil or contaminate them.

      On Pope Francis being a heretic - I assume you are referring to the Amoris Laetitia kerfuffle - let me provide you with three examples of "orthodox" Popes, rightly revered by Catholics, who did pretty much the same thing:

      1. Bl. Pope Pius IX, in "Quanto conficiamur moerore", opened the door to exclusions to the ageless doctrine "Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus". Though his defenders scrambled to argue that his words were to be read "in continuity" with previous teachings, this did not happen in practice - and it ended with the well-known censure of Leonard Feeney in 1949 and, thereby, to the "soft quasi-universalism" of Lumen Gentium. (The Catechism of St. John Paul II even quotes "Quanto conficiamur moerore" when supporting this interpretation.) Still, I would not consider Bl. Pius IX a heretic.

      2. Pope Gregory XVI provided the predecessor for the Amoris Laetitia gambit when the Sacred Penitentiary, under his guidance, issued instructions that if a penitent confessed to usury, he could be forgiven even if he was going to continue in a usurious occupation, as long as he was repentant and wished to make amends. Still, I would not call Gregory XVI a heretic - in fact, he deserves a beatification almost as much as Pius IX.

      3. Under the papacy of Pope St. John Paul II, the CDF issued a "Vademecum for Confessors" which stated that in cases of the sin of contraception (non-abortifacient), absolution could be granted even if the penitent was not immediately planning to rectify his sinful behaviour. Still, I would not call St. John Paul II a heretic; he is a Saint.

      My point in this: If the Church could survive these three predecessors to Amoris Laetitia, it can and will survive Amoris. While there are certainly things I disagree with Pope Francis on, it is not my job to call him a heretic.

      (continued below)

    6. (continued)

      Your comparison of Saints who used virile invective or strong language to the current crop of bloggers is laughable. When we have a man openly admitting that he's given up his job and his duty to support his family to go Frankie-hunting, can we compare him to a St. Jerome or a St. Athanasius? (Remember St. Paul? "If anyone will work, let him not eat" - not beg for bitcoins.) When we have someone using language worthy of a Farrelly Brothers "comedy" to attack the Pope (despite the book of Ecclesiasticus - part of the Catholic Bible - condemning the use of obscene language), dare we compare him to a Saint? When we have so-called "heretic hunters" openly supporting and cheering an unrepentant sodomite simply because he tickles their ears with political propaganda (see Romans 1: 32), how can we compare them with a Saint?

      As for folks like Kasper and Marx, they will receive their due condemnation from their Maker sooner or later. I have no reason to support or defend their nonsense.

      The barque of Peter will certainly be righted, as it was after the Arian crisis, the Babylonian captivity or the Reformation. But it will not be righted by any breakaway faction (answer me this: who is "The Church" now, if not the visible Church? The SSPX? The SSPV? The Sedevacantists? The Palmarian Church? The "Home Aloners"? Richard Ibranyi and his cult? The Dimond Brothers and their money scam? Laughable.) In the meantime, it behooves us to correct error charitably, but not attack a legitimate Pontiff and laugh over his exposed nakedness. Remember what happened to Ham, son of Noah, and think twice before you continue your formal cooperation with the likes of Skojec, White, Barnhardt, Walker, Verecchio, Engel or Dormet.

  4. Thank you for the plug! I'm one of the writers for Where Peter Is, and we appreciate the endorsement. Hopefully we'll live up to your expectations!


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