Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The Holy Name of Jesus

The Devotion of The Little Sachet, or the Little Gospel.

The Holy Name is a powerful prayer. The Holy Name Jesus is a prayer in and of itself and contains the entire Gospel. JESUS.

The Little Gospel of the Holy Name
The Little Sachet, or the Gospel of the Holy Name of Jesus, is a Roman Catholic devotion based on a sacramental that, according to tradition, was mystically revealed by Jesus Christ to a Discalced Carmelite nun, Sister Marie of St Peter and of the Holy Family, in 1847, in a monastery in Tours, France.
It consists of a tiny leaflet on which are printed the short Gospel of the Circumcision, which mentions the giving of the name “Jesus”; a picture of Christ; the initials IHS representing the Holy Name of Jesus; and some invocation together with the lines, “When Jesus was named — Satan was disarmed.” This leaflet is folded into a small square, enclosed in a small pouch, and distributed to the faithful, who are encouraged to frequently say: “Blessed be the Most Holy Name of Jesus without end” while wearing it. - Raccolta
“The demon uses all possible means to snatch from our Lord Jesus Christ the inheritance purchased by the cross, and he is ever seeking to rob this Good Shepherd of the lambs obtained at so great a price. To put this ravishing wolf to flight Jesus has made known to me that he wishes his sheep marked with his Holy Name, by bearing on their person the Gospel which announces to all nations that the Incarnate Word was named Jesus. This amiable Savior has acquainted me with the virtue of his Sacred Name—that it would drive away the demon, and that all those placing themselves under its special protection would receive great graces.” - Sister Marie of St Peter

I use this sacramental, always carrying it, and I pray the Holy Name whenever I'm able.  I love it attached to 'Jesus I trust in you' and 'Jesus I surrender myself to you, take care of everything.'  In my experience, repeating the Holy Name is a means of spiritual communion.


  1. Where can one get such a sacramental?

    1. I will get you an address. I received mine from the Carmelite nuns in Detroit who have moved to Travers City I think. They sponsor the Holy Face Confraternity. Some Poor Clares also have a similar devotion/sacramental - I think the monastery in Sauk Rapids does.

    2. It isn't the Travers City Carmel, rather this is the address for the devotion:

      Monastery of St. Therese of The Child Jesus (discalced Carmelite Nuns), Detroit, Michigan
      35750 Moravian Dr
      Clinton Township, MI 48035

  2. Never heard of this devotion. My daily “go to” devotion to the Noly Name is the Jesus Prayer. I have been praying it daily for years and truly find it to be my spiritual communion. It brings peace of heart and mind and brings me into awareness of His Divine Presence.

  3. This devotion is new to me although the name is familiar. Does anyone distribute this sacramental anymore. Seems like maybe a Carmelite devotion. I think they use "Holy Name of Jesus" as part of their religious names like, " Sister Mary Benedict of the Holy Name of Jesus."

  4. Familiar with name but not this particular devotional. It must be Carmelite in origin. Often the Holy Name of Jesus is used along with a religious name. Like Sr. Mary Benedict of the Holy Name of Jesus.

    1. I should do a post on saints devoted to or commissioned to promote devotion to the Holy Name - it is strong among Carmelites, Franciscans, Dominicans, and of course the Society of Jesus.

  5. Oremus5:10 PM

    These precious sacramentals may be obtained from:

    Archconfraternity of the Holy Face
    Monastery of the Little Flower of Jesus
    75 Carmel Road
    Buffalo, NY 14214


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