Friday, January 05, 2018

Please help my dear friend Fr. Z

Some people blocked him on Twitter.

A priest and some one else.

Father posted the following:

Meanwhile, please do me a kindness and follow me on Twitter. @fatherz 

Please share!

That's exactly what I'm doing.  Because if someone blocks you, that means he no longer follows you, I think.  So you need to keep the numbers up.  I'm not sure why, but I know people like a high count for Followers.


  1. He probably dreamed that you're stalking him. What?

  2. Twitter is strange.

    1. And the people who worry about their numbers even stranger.

    2. I'm not on Twitter. Perhaps if I had a phone I would be - but that's one reason I don't have a phone - I can't be that connected.

    3. hmmmm..I don't have a phone either... no electricity no wi-fi no bed...nor a computer...but I'm am on a cheap trac phone use that number for twitter and nothing else you can but the phones at casey's

      Happy New Year!

    4. I'm online too much as it is.

  3. Twitter ... where the self-important rant and rave and twitter away their time longing to be heard. No thanks.

    If I can rise to the occasion, I would rather follow our beloved Papa Francis's example of living the faith in action rather than in twitterverse words.

  4. hmmmm....I'd like to follow Fr Z on Twitter...but he blocked did Steve Skojec the Remnant and several other Rad Trads....I wonder what I did?

  5. I've been blocked by both Rorate Caeli and Fr James Martin. I must be doing something right.


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