Saturday, December 30, 2017

More lamentations from the religiously dissatisfied ...

Not good enough?

I noticed a link on Facebook to an NCRegister article by Fr. Raymond de Souza who seems to believe the Church ignored the Fatima Centenary - while in fact citing all the ways in which the anniversary was indeed celebrated around the globe, as well as noting the canonizations of Jacinta and Francisco by Pope Francis, during his apostolic visit to Fatima on the feast day of the first apparition, in accord with the jubilee year.  A plenary indulgence was granted especially for the jubilee year as well.  Yet Fr. de Souza complains it was an 'undeclared Year of Fatima'?

All year long, Catholics online were expecting some dreadful chastisement, war, tsunami, and so on, to mark the Fatima anniversary.  Perhaps even hoping the Pope would be killed so they could get one to their liking?  Reputable priests - monsignors even - warned of impending doom.  No doubt it's still on the way, but in the meantime Fatimists will continue to claim Heaven is pretty pissed off at the Church and the Pope(s) for not following the instructions given in the secrets, esp. as interpreted by Fr. Gruner and the FatimaLiveNetwork, survived by Christopher Ferrara and his remnant of traditionalist Catholics.

They are never satisfied.  The third secret wasn't dramatic enough, no pope was actually killed, the consecration wasn't explicit enough, the fall of Communism didn't make Russia Roman Catholic, etc..  So of course, the Jubilee Year of Fatima wasn't big enough - and golly-gee - fire didn't come down from heaven to devour all the liberals. 

Yeah, but ... the year isn't over yet.


  1. Watched an old Twilight Zone episode last night. A Dr is feted by his neighbors for his birthday. They love him but think he is an alarmist because he recently built a bomb shelter. During his celebtation an emergency broadcast declares an emergency due to incoming unidentifiable flying objects. The good Dr retreats to his bomb shelter with his family. His neighbors beg to be let in but he refuses. They belittle each other as to who is more important and should get in. The immigrant is told by the whites that he is not worthy because he is not white. They break down the door to the shelter to get in. The flying objects are found to be satellites. Everyone is safe but everyone has changed for the worse.

  2. All this time spent in criticizing the Church for their perceived lack of emphasis on the anniversary of Fatima could be better spent on actually praying the rosary, as Our Lady requested, and asking pardon for our sins and those of others who offend God, as the Angel of Fatima instructed.

    Personally, I am convinced the Pope must certainly be up to his eyeballs in work, 24/7. That he and the media fail to communicate clearly what he means is a problem sometimes. But his emphasis on aiding those in poverty and who suffer in other ways is admirable and wholly Catholic, and does credit to his calling as Vicar of Christ, a son of the Society of Jesus, and a namesake of St. Francis.

    I love the Church and all that comes with it - the splendor of the Mass and the Sacraments, the teaching of Jesus, the trust in the motherly love and care of Our Lady, the example of the saints - especially my good St. Francis, and the knowledge that God loves me no matter how disgracefully I disappoint Him. But sometimes the nitpicking of our brothers and sisters is a bit discouraging and distracting.

    God's best blessings, peace, and protection to you, dear Terry, and to all here! God is so good - *all* the time!!! - Susan, ofs

  3. Well said, Terry. To me it all seems to be leading up to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  4. Terry, I think you have a private line direct to the Pope. You wrote about this before he spoke it.
    "Pope Francis Wants the World to Shut Up in 2018."
    Happy New Year to All.

  5. I guess the Fatimaistas will have to take matters into their own hands then....


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