Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Cold in Minneapolis

Happy Christmas to all the critters!

It is so cold outside I put out extra food for the critters and lighted lanterns - not that the lanterns will give much heat, but it looks warmer.  I may light a fire tonight - I bought a small fire pit for the holidays and haven't used it yet, so maybe for the feast of Stephen.  Mrs. Rabitowitz is sitting at the foot of the steps as I write.  I put out apples and walnuts and sunflower seeds, with some grapes.  St. Francis used to put out food for critters on Christmas, and St. Martin De Porres always fed the wild life in the garden.  When you do stuff like that you can't help but recall how many sleep rough, the homeless, those who live in their cars, and those people dispossessed of shelter and home, and even a homeland.


  1. I love this. I may just do it today!

  2. I think of St Francis and All Creatures Great and Small. Expect more visitors as word spreads of your generosity among the animal kingdom. Bless your heart.

  3. We have a bird feeder outside our living room window that attracts chickadees, juncos, thrushes and flickers. We also get crows and Steller's jays. The other day all the birds disappeared because a young EAGLE was sitting on top of the feeder! Fantastic sight!


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