Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Should Catholics Boycott Jim Gaffigan?

Can. 915 Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion.

Should Gaffigan and his wife be denied Communion?

Canon 915 and all.  It must be enforced.  Maybe their kids should be removed from their care, many are aghast because their kids wore Pride shirts and carried Pride flags which mean serious intent to defy Catholic teaching and publicly dissent by attending a Pride parade in NYC?  Maybe not though.
There has been a discussion on Facebook, and evidently Catholics cannot support Jim Gaffigan any longer.  I'm not a fan or follower - but I guess many Catholics have been big fans of his humor because he's Catholic, and like Colbert, that's part of his schtickt.  Just like Fr. James Martin wished everyone a happy Pride day - these comedians did too.  Vincible ignorance or outright dissent?  I don't know.

A Catholic theologian in a bubble took great offense at the Gaffigan tweet.  Mothers with children are once again afraid to leave the house and condemn parents who bring their kids to Pride.  I really do get that.  I'd never go myself and if I had kids I wouldn't dream of exposing them to that.  Actually, I wouldn't let them watch Disney films or television, or take them to Disney World either.

I've never been to a gay Pride parade.  I do not like parades.  I never liked parades or the circus, and that's kind of what Pride is anyway.  I went to a Pride celebration in a park downtown with some friends years ago, but it didn't interest me and seemed really tacky.  To be honest I am a great big homophobe - I hate myself.  I have never been happy with any label, and I especially hate the gay label - so I'm definitely homophobic.  However, people who use those terms don't scare me - those who call me gay or homophobic - that doesn't bother me - well, maybe a little.  People that do so usually want nothing to do with me - or the Catholic Church.  I have been, can be, or could be friends with them, but they don't like it when I don't socialize with them.  I know - so how is that being a friend?  I don't know.  Stealing a line from Carlo Carretto, all I can say is: "Those who believe that they can speak of what is in the depths of their own soul betray their own inexperience."  I'm helpless.

You can't say gay or identify as gay, but you can say Jesus Loves Gay People.

Same sex attracted evangelical Catholics can do that, because they are quick to tell them they are not really gay.  I guess.  But Jim Gaffigan says gay and jokes about his 'gay children' and he must be condemned - or at least be held accountable and explain himself because he was at the Pride parade.  I doubt he sees it that way.  But I don't know him.

We all know that in major urban areas Catholic parishes actually participate in Pride parades - many Catholics in the pews think it's just fine, as do their pastors.  Gay friendly parishes exist and bishops say nothing.  Cardinal Tobin recently celebrated Mass with New Ways Ministry.  James Martin just wrote a book on building a bridge.  (See why people are confused?)

In NYC Catholic Militants went nuts when gay participants were permitted to march in the St. Patrick's Day parade.  They condemn that, and condemn gays when they get their own parade, and condemn Catholics for attending.  Gaffigan is an entertainer, an ordinary Catholic, Catholics see the welcome wagons out and yet they're condemned if they extend a welcoming hand?

So Jesus loves Gay People, but Catholics don't?  I know what's going on.  I really do.  We hate the sin but love the sinner.  And you can't say gay after you get them in church.  You can go to the Pride parade if you hand out holy cards and evangelize.  Pope Francis would even approve.  I see how that works.  Nevertheless, what I'm saying is, see how that looks to non-religious people, or fallen away people who already think God hates them even though you tell them he loves gay people but they are not gay and can't use the word?

I know.  I'm wrong.  I'm all over the place on this and I don't even know why I join in on these conversations.  And it doesn't matter what I say.  


Thomas Peters has a very good post on why it is wrong for Christians to participate in these activities, or endorse the events themselves, pointing out how they tend to be inherently anti-Christian, and especially anti-Catholic.  Frequently drag queens portray Our Lady in an offensive manner, or they perform some sort of sexualized simulation of Christ, while 'gay' saints can be represented in the 'festivities'.  Peters acknowledges that many ordinary people may not be aware of these activities, or simply naive about how participation in the outward show of support is ignorant of the fact the Pride phenomenon is in effect an out and out protest against Judeo-Christian moral teaching.

Some Christians are, I grant, unaware of the full implications of what they are doing, but whether they mean to do something contrary to the faith or not, it is still a public act that implies endorsement of several anti-Christian positions. - Peters

See, that's a reasonable, sensible, calm approach to the issue.  It's why I said people need to give Gaffigan a break in the first place.

That said, Thomas Peters short essay makes the best point for not waving a Pride flag I've read in long time.  I hope everyone reads it - especially the bishops and priests who have an all too benevolent attitude upon the homosexual condition itself:

Today, something similar, I suggest, is being tried with the “rainbow flag” of the LGBT movement. Waving the flag, identifying with it, and participating in the public parades staged by gay activists all convey an agreement with an agenda that, at its heart, contradicts and denies, among other things, the teachings of Christ and His Church about the nature and destiny of the human person. - Thomas Peters

Waving a rainbow flag is no longer a neutral act.  Works for me.


  1. Jim Gaffigan? Never heard of him. I did see that tweet (without the pic) and my first thought was, "All your kids are gay? Bummer."

  2. No idea who he is either.

  3. Sad ... boring too. I never knew what a "bear" was until I saw a clip on YT of "bears" walking in a gay pride parade in San Francisco - half bare too.

    I wonder, would Mr. Gaffigan be considered a bear? Just askin ...

    1. By boring I mean ...

      Were someone who is reported to be a celebrity stand with the Church and she teaches at one of these public venues, well, that's impressive and not boring.

    2. I think Gaffigan would just be considered a fat dad guy.

  4. You want to have fun read Lifesite News....(which I had always thought was a parody site but...) and the comments there..its a hoot and a half and everyone is dead serious too. Its so bad its almost camp! Not only did he attend the parade, with his children (will ANYONE think of the little ones...) he actually has a gay character on his show, and his wife has many gay friends and attracts them out of the woodwork and they are both fine with it! Oh and he played a gay guy in a show,(comedy of course) and actually kissed another guy in the last scene. Cue the pearl clutching!

    Apparently Gaffigan was on his way to the beach when they came upon the Pride Parade and they were given some flags and watched the goofiness and had fun. He and his wife work in the entertainment industry , are most likely not living in a bunker somewhere getting their only news from Lifesite and Church Militant and are like most American Catholics and feel they are practicing their faith but are not part of a cult. CINOs to all the Crisis Mag contributors.

    Now I am not particularly a fan of Pride Parades...I have never been to one either....not a fan of paper mache penis' or middle aged men in wife beaters, with orange tans and plastic surgery, pretending they are 24, but hey, its America..and its goofy and apparently people have fun and the world is full of different odd people (including the responders on Lifesite..) who we may not agree with.

    And Yaya, from my understanding I do not think Gaffigan would be a bear...they need to be "fat" and hairy...Jim is middle aged straight flabby and I don't think he is hairy..so they have weird versions like Otters, and I don't know what else...so maybe?

    1. Interesting to learn what is considered a bear by Terry and you. Shows how little I know. ×_×
      Thanks Terry for the chuckles though since I don't get out much these days ...

    2. Where have you been Mack?

    3. Its Pride Month Guuurrrllll! Been busy getting my tan, bleaching my hair and getting my eyes tucked!


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