Sunday, May 21, 2017

My Renaissance Garden Affair for Mrs. Rabitowitz ... Or ...The 3 Days Darkness Envelopes Dogwood Cottage.

Once upon a time an old gardener took advantage of the Global warming phenomena in Minnesota and decided to plant his pots early in the season. 

One sunny Saturday, when the temperature rose to tropical levels, 70 degrees, and the garden center said the last average freeze is Mother's Day, Mr. Nelson bought Plumbago vines for the trellis and pots in the back garden.  The potted vines were so tall, they became twin towers.  Several days later the ice age returned.  Of course I blame the mothers because it happened a few days after Mother's Day, and everyone knows what they say about a witch's ....

So anyway.  It grew dark and cloudy and blustery cold, with continuous, tempestuous rain.  The poor Pulmbago plants shivered and wilted, branches drooped, as if dead.  Old man Nelson called the garden center - Bachman's On Lyndale - and was told by an expert that although the culture listed on the tags from Monrovia states that the plants can endure temps down to 20-30 degrees, the expert said they do not do well under our conditions - when it's below 50, and windchill is at 40.

Mr. Nelson and his cat set out to fix things, creating tents to cover the susceptible plants, which were well planted, and too tall to remove indoors.  Voila - the back garden was turned into a fairy land of Renaissance tents, lighted from within by candles in lanterns, meant to warm the enclosure for the duration of the attack from the wicked witch of the North.  (Notice I'm letting my hedge grow tall to hide the scrap yard mess next door.)

If you look closely at the photos, you can see the cat looking out the door, watching old man Nelson document the garden in preparation for the lawsuit against the garden center.  What?  It could happen if Mr. Nelson flips out.

Gratefully - the three days darkness is almost over - today the covers come off, and Mrs. Rabitowitz and friends can eat once again and celebrate Yom Yerushalayim this week. 

The South tower.
Gabs said it looked more like a Dementor at first glance.
She was scared.

The North tower.
If you click on the photo you can see 
the damage done to the lawn by the voles and grubs,
which is why I put down repellent for the grubs.  
I will be seeding as soon as I can
rake and add some compost.  
Mrs. Rabitowitz told me 
I should have done that before planting the pots.
She's such a kvetch.

The Madonna trellis.
I actually built a little frame and roof for it.
The top is roofed with a folded winter cover
for the bench.

Since everyone wants to see a recent photo of me,
this is my foot.

My kitty watching me work.
She has nightly news on in the background.

Did you see this?  I have Christmas lights inside
to create warmth.  St. Joseph is still in his 
winter location.

My messy garage with sensitive plants brought in
to escape the cold - my pollarded myrtle in the window.

More Plumbago plants - these little ones 
are intended for the front of the house.
Can you see leg and foot on the snow blower?!


  1. So beautiful. Only you can make covered plants beautiful.

  2. Wow ... a real treat for the foot fetish crowd. ;p The greenery that surrounds your abode is lovely no matter if incomplete. I like St. Joseph being there so I know he will be raking the leaves alongside you plus maybe fixing the rooftop or a broken bench in the garden ... he is seen ready to work with tools in hand.

    Have a restful Sunday now estimado Terry.

  3. Oh I know how those rabbits can scold and look at one sideways.
    the ones in my patch just stare, and stare at me until I get embarrassed and go back inside.
    I love them all anyway. Evidently a person out & about around 2 or 4 am is very odd to them...
    Your yard is really lovely.


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