Friday, May 26, 2017

And now, Trump's George Costanza moment with NATO leaders ...

Or is it Rodney Dangerfield?



    Too bad President Trump is not pushing his weight around where it really would matter. I had a better impression of him after he visited Papa Francis but now? Not so ...

  2. Dear YaYa I am counting on you to be steadfast. I refuse to ride the rollercoaster of our political country any longer you initiated the dedication of Trump to Santa Maria and St Jose. I have followed your good example. I am encouraged with Malania's apparent faith. I have given it all over to them.

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    3. Same here ... they know him better than any of us
      for sure. 
      But hey, I am only human and couldn't help but roll my eyes at such pomposity. **/
      Then again ... I heard the rumor that he was just "horsing around" sorta like Bill did with the Israeli PM and the PLO leader while at one of the Camp David peace get togethers. 

      Have a restful Memorial day weekend dear wh, and Terry and every one else. ❤


      Wow ... I am impressed with my recollection of such foolhardy behavior from long ago. ^^)

  3. Wallace, I am with you here, although, like Yaya, I cringed when I saw this. I wish Donald could be a bit more gracious toward everyone, whether they are important representatives of their countries, like this man, or unknown people he passes on the street.

    It is obvious to me that the Holy Spirit has planted a seed of Faith in the Trumps, and that is very encouraging. Maybe through Melania's quiet, lovely example, it will grow into conversion - see Aleteia's excellent story,

    I am very impressed by Melania. We are very lucky indeed to have her as a First Lady, and Donald and Barron are blessed to have her as a wife and mother. Let's continue to pray and hope!

    Blessings to all here - Susan, ofs

  4. I was shocked and saddened at first, esp. since Melania won my heart - but now I see it as just another faux pas and it really does look like a Dangerfield/Marx Bros. scene from a comedy. It makes me laugh now.


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