Thursday, May 18, 2017

Letting go ...

"When an activity or a person fills our lives, inspires us or gives us a zest for life, their absence can plunge us into this feeling of total emptiness. We live a kind of inner death. Life no longer flows forth in us. We are filled with a sense of loss and of grief; a heaviness, which resembles depression, permeates our whole being. This pain and this heaviness are not a sickness but a normal, natural reaction to a loss that touches the very meaning of our lives." - Jean Vanier, Seeing Beyond Depression


  1. WOW! I cannot thank you sufficiently for this quote. Nor can I tell you how perfectly this explains something that has been puzzling me yet remained inexplicable until right now. Thank you, Terry!

    1. I read my mom when I read the quote. I understand better what a loss it has been for her regarding my dad. My dad died seven years ago, she has not been the same since, nothing has been the same. They would have been married over 60 years were he alive today.

      She was crying on the way home today after talking about him and how much she misses him ... a whole lifetime together gone.

      But I believe that one day they will be reunited if our Merciful Lord wills it and I believe that on that day, they will never be parted again.


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