Saturday, May 20, 2017

As a boy, did Cardinal Burke engage in cow-tipping?

Cardinal Burke grew up on a farm in Wisconsin.

Because he seems to have a knack for upsetting people...

Just yesterday LifeSite published the following: 
 Cardinal Raymond Burke issued a call this morning for the Catholic faithful to “work for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” LifeSite
At first I thought, along with others who read the story, that Cardinal Burke is calling for the consecration of Russia according to OL's request at Fatima. Yet Sr. Lucia assured everyone the consecration had been done, the consecration/entrustment by St. John Paul II was accepted by Heaven, and so on. Now Cardinal Burke is calling for it to be done because the one by JPII didn't meet the requirements Our Lady asked for?  I thought he's beginning to sound like Fr. Gruner.  I was troubled.  Does this mean Sr. Lucia and the Popes, including Benedict XVI lied to us?  Is 1P5 right?  Is Marian Horvat, PhD right?  Did Sr. Lucia have a double?  Is the Vatican the great facade?  Did all those churchmen lie?  Is Cardinal Maradiagito right?  Burke wrong?  Holy crap!

So, prayer obtains all.

Never lose your peace over this stuff.  Cardinal Burke is not the Pope, nor is he all by himself the magisterium - nor is the Cardinal from Honduras.

Having said that, I looked more closely at what Burke said and discovered he doesn't deny the consecration wasn't accomplished.  He was pretty much saying it would good to renew it, more or less. Asking Catholic to pray for that intention.  (I don't think Our Lady specifically requested we pray for that intention though.)

It would be nice to do another consecration, perhaps for Oct. 13? Designating Russia. Especially now since the political situation has changed in Russia and atheism has given way to greater religious freedom, and so on. We think.  There are still theological problems concerning language, some theologians have problems with the word 'consecration' hence the term 'entrustment' is used. Likewise the Orthodox do not seem to accept the notion of 'heart' as focus for devotion, and since they are already Catholic, albeit separate from Rome, the notion they will be 'converted' is not well received. These are the real difficulties 'theologians' fear - but I trust Our Lady will settle all of that.

It could happen, I suppose, without discrediting the veracity of the consecration Lucia said was accepted.  If it is done, it could be a great finale to the Fatima Centenary.

It's quite obvious from this photo which one is the
real Sr. Lucia - the one on the viewer's left is 
an impostor.


If the Cardinal Burke Fatimists are looking for a great reversal of all that is wrong with the world, they may be mistaken, since Our Lord already told Lucia that the consecration would be made (it was) but it would be late (it was). I'm of the opinion that means the errors were spread, ingrained in world politics and religious 'apostasy'.  In other words, the damage has been done. So we are living through the results. The consecration to the Sacred Heart in France was late, and the monarchy lost their heads, and the Revolution triumphed.

Part of the problems with apparition people is they think that if the whole world does this, that, and the other thing, according to the letter, God will have to reverse the consequences - on some level that may be true - as they say, 'if enough people' do it, it can be mitigated. Mitigated means the effects are lessened, but there will still be effects.  The resolution to the problems - especially the loss of souls - has been given and made public since the apparitions at Fatima in 1917.  The message of Fatima has been explicitly promoted by all of the Popes since Pius XII.  It seems to me we need to continue to heed Our Lady's catechesis and peace plan, and accept whatever consequences there happen to be for not having followed Our Lady's requests from the outset.

To repeat the consecration of Russia (and the entire world) would be good to do as an act of reparation perhaps, but 'Fatimists' still won't be satisfied, they'll blame the popes and bishops for not having done so according their exact prescriptions - they will continue to insist it had never been accomplished before - even though Sr. Lucia said it had, but she was an impostor, and so on. 

Yeah.  So.



  1. Private revelations are not binding and therefore some of us keep well clear of any of them. If they help your salvation, they can be good but if they embroil you in these dramas....skip them. Here is the old Catholic encyclopedia on the topic from the new advent site:

    1. You are correct sir - right now it seems a parallel church is being constructed based upon private opinion and conspiracy theories. I just read some more LifeSite reports - it's another church. One priest is suggesting the JPII anti-church is operating from within the Roman Catholic Church right now, right here in River City. I think they are nuts.

    2. The picture is amusing but sad at the same time since I seem to recall reading somewhere that the noble Cardinal Burke just did not deserve to be "put out to pasture" so to speak.

      He looks content in that pasture setting arrayed in his red attire but me thinks he may be not quite "put out" just yet since he still has the dubia questionnaire/clarification on the back burner.
      Gonna be interesting to see how that turns out.

    3. He's from a farm in Wisconsin - so I'm just kidding about that.

    4. "He's from a farm in Wisconsin"

      Then the idyllic setting suits him well. ^^


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