Thursday, January 26, 2017


Caryatids, Prague.

I'm painting a large icon.

Praying, fasting, praying, painting.  I'm not writing it.  I'm painting.  After an ancient prototype - which was also painted.  Classical Greek painting.  But I digress.

I just painted a couple of caryatids atop the columns of the aedicule framing Our Lady in the Annunciation icon I'm working on.  The architecture will require some ornament, so I've been looking at classical Greek designs to steep myself in the culture, as it were.  I then spent a lot of time looking at really cool profane designs from antiquity to our day.  An example of modern architecture from Prague shown atop.

Anyway.  Below are some ancient Greek designs decorating urns and plates.  Nothing to do with the icon I'm doing, but wonderful iconography nonetheless.

I love the nimbus.


  1. Are you referring to your icon of the Annunciation?

    1. Yes - But the one I posted earlier announcing my project is not my icon - just an image of an icon from antiquity. The icon I'm working on is the Ohrid version with classic architecture and so on. 'IF' it turns out well, I will post photos.


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