Monday, December 12, 2016

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Empress of the Americas, Queen and Mother

Holy Mary of Guadalupe, pray for us.
Holy Mary, Mother of the Americas, pray for us.

Holy Mary, Perfect and Ever-Virgin, pray for us.
Holy Mary, Mother of the True God, pray for us.

Holy Mary, Mother of those who cry to thee and search for thee, pray for us.
Holy Mary, Mother who cures all our pains, miseries and sorrows, pray for us.

Good St. Joseph, pray for us.
St. Juan Diego, pray for us. 
All Angels and Saints, pray for us.  


  1. Such a beautiful story. Comes right after the Feast of Immaculate Conception. The mystery of the image continues to perplex scientists. The faithful however rejoice.

  2. Que linda mi Morena chula! Viva la Virgencita de Guadalupe!


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