Friday, October 28, 2016

Art Show ... Matt Talbot

Matt Talbot - T. Nelson [2016]
Acrylic on canvas


(The first unfinished image.)


Matt was said to be an 'undersized, wiry man,' and we know he was a laborer.  I read he wore his working clothes everywhere - so I imagined a jacket and collarless shirt, a bit worn - just as I always depict him.  The difference this time is that I have him balding more than in my other paintings.  There are a couple of early paintings, one by a religious sister, depicting him bald, and I wanted to do so as well.  My composition is spare - a few religious mementos and scraps of paper, upon which it is said Matt would make spiritual notes - a small statue of Our Lady of Lourdes and holy cards of Therese and Catherine of Siena comprise the 'still life' of minutia on the mantel.  Above these, a very small image of OL of Perpetual Help hanging by a string.  Matt stands in front of the tall, narrow tenement mantel, upon which these poor possessions are displayed.  Interrupted in his devotion, clutching a crucifix, he looks out at the viewer.

I tried to imagine him in his 60's now, and made a sort of composite of images of Matt Talbot and my recollection of a young man I met years ago in Lourdes.  

My apologies for bad photography and even worse photo-shop editing.


  1. Awesome painting! You are a very talented blessed man!

    1. Many thanks - you are very kind to say that. I am in process of refining some minor details in the painting and will post another photo soon.

    2. As one involved in 12 Step recovery as well as 12 Step ministry, I would love to see this painting of Ven. Matt on a holy card with a prayer for recovery...just sayin'. :)

    3. Would you send me an email about this? I always intend for my painting of Matt - if could enough - to be used to support those in recovery as well as inspire others to imitate his temperance and devotion.





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