Friday, August 19, 2016

Looking at art ...

Tribute to an unknown Flemish artist.

See - people look the same today.


Sometimes I imagine they didn't.

But they did.


Kind of.

Here's looking at you ...

I have to get back to painting. I'm not happy with anything I've done. So I'm going to continue to work on Matt Talbot.  I'll never be finished.

I was thinking about some of my older stuff, wishing I could rework much of it.  Wondering where it is now.  Did people throw it out?  Did it get destroyed in floods or storms or fires?  Has it changed hands?  Is it in a second hand store?  Did someone gesso over it?  Do they add it to their kitsch collection and decorate it with sparkle dust?

I'm a fool.

Song for this post here.



  1. Your retablos are consoling. I hope you will consider more of them. I am in love with numero uno one this page ... what a beautiful young man. <3

    Numero tres looks like an image of our Lord. Blue eyes? A beautiful thought our Lord Jesus should have eyes the color of the endless sky. Makes me happy just thinking about that.

    Piercing blue sky-colored eyes.

    1. You are so kind. Yes - the eyes are Our Lord's.

  2. no no Terry: they did not look like us: the top one, at Least, is a time traveler. That is why his portrait was painted. So he had proof when he returned.
    ...they Are hard to catch, you have done really well.
    I wish I had your cd/album collection.

    1. Haha - that made me laugh.

  3. The unknown Flemish artist is the Macedonian artist and fashion designer Nikola Eftimov.
    It is one of his tribute photographs.
    Of course he isn't the only artist dressing individuals, and animals, up in period costumes.
    The bunnies are adorable.

    1. Cool! I've seen his stuff - so the young man portrayed is really a contemprary living person.

  4. ...the bunnies....! the cat....!


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