Friday, July 01, 2016

La Lobby Tuttzi-Fruttzi Vaticano

Tourist: "Oh Swiss Guard, is this the Gay Lobby?"

Pope Benedict finally speaks.

To Peter Seewald in his new book, an interview with Pope Benedict titled, "The Last Conversations" - and it promises to be a best seller, as well as putting an end to various conspiracy theories concerning his resignation, his emeritus status, as well as the presence of a gay lobby.  Although I think it's safe to say not a few Von Conspirabrandts will still remain unconvinced, but I digress.

Maître d': "Monsignore, a lobby of 4 or 5 is now available."

Pope Benedict admitted that he broke up a small lobby or 'power group' in the Vatican, which sought to influence Vatican decisions.
Italy's Corriere della Sera daily, which has acquired the Italian newspaper rights for excerpts and has access to the book, ran a long article on Friday summarizing its key points. 
In the book, Benedict says that he came to know of the presence of a "gay lobby" made up of four or five people who were seeking to influence Vatican decisions. The article says Benedict says he managed to "break up this power group". - Source

Works for me.

I've always contended it is not exactly an organized underground pulling strings, but a loose affiliation not unlike what some might call a good ol' boys club. It seems reasonable to me a small group as Benedict describes, would try to influence views they held in common with other gay people - including gay priests and bishops. But not all of them, to be sure. Many accept Catholic teaching exactly as it is and would never try to change it. In other words, not all gay or ssa clergy can be lumped in there with those who dissent and want to develop doctrine into meaninglessness.

"Oh Butler ..."

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