Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Our Lady, Mother of Perpetual Help ...

I knew it was your feast day yesterday, but I wanted to let others post about you, and praise you.  I hope you will help me, and all of those who sing your praises, understand how ordinary your life on earth was ... how completely ordinary.  Which explains why you are our mother, and remain for us our perpetual help,  You are indeed our mother of perpetual help - especially for those of us most in need of mercy.


  1. Did not OLPH save Europe from the Moslem Turks way back when? Or I I confusing icons? Is it racist to ask for her help/intervention again?

    1. I don't know of any story connecting OLPH to victories against Moslem invasions, but I know OL Częstochowa played a role in the defeat of the Turks. I also think the Kazan icon played a role in repelling the Turks.

    2. You are correct Terry. I was thinking of the Battle of Lepanto. It was OLV, Our Lady of Victory who is credited with intercession at the last moment. An icon of OLC was present in a Spanish Ship. What would we do without google?


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