Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Snarling schoolgirl 'possessed by spirits' exorcised on street...

She claimed she was 'not bovvered' though.

Story here.


  1. Yeah I'm not convinced. I think she was suffering from mental health issues. While I believe the Scriputres, Christ talked about drawing out demons in "MY" name. While all religions as per Vatican II, contains "elements of the truth", Islam seems a lot farther from that truth than Judaism who are at least, the first to hear the Word of God and were first chosen By God.

    While they do believe in a monotheistic God, I will pass on thinking this was a real exorcism and the Imam has the power to do that. A Jewish Rabbi, due to the Scriptures, would be more believable

  2. If we look back at oppressive religiously strict communities ( Salem was not the first or last but the most famous and most deadly) teenage girls, often can only "act out" and be the center of attention (even if most times they aren't mentally aware of it.) without punishment. So it isn't surprising that this happened to this poor girl wrapped from head to toe and most likely treated like she was a step above a barnyard animal (not surprisingly she takes on a male persona to curse out the Iman..)

    Even in less oppressive but still religiously strict close knit communities can things like this happen, only its not Satan it could be a visitation from the Blessed Mother....(not knocking Fatima or Lourdes though I don' know if I believe them,) like the creepy girls of Garabandal (by that time girls did' t need Satan, they had the whole community wrapped around their fingers by claiming visions from Heaven and bonus....they were elevated to a high holy status that even their parents could not question)

    Julian...pantheistic societies had rituals for ridding themselves of evil spirits...sometimes it doesnt matter if its real it only matters if the people involved think it is.

  3. Julian, these days, we think mental health issues. How do we know that the mental health issues of today aren't caused by demons? Nobody believes satan exists anymore. Everyone knows that if you need an exorcist, you need to find a Catholic priest.

    Mack, several years ago I saw a movie on Salem, typical hollywood and have read some articles since then that suggest Ergot of Rye was causing the symptoms. I don't know if the link below is the one I read a few years ago but it's an interesting theory.

    Re: Fatima and Lourdes, we're not required to believe private revelation although if it's approved, we may.

  4. Nan,

    Thanks, and yes, the ergot poisoning is an interesting theory, though I think it is part of a white washing of the girls actions...even now as of that time no one could presume they were doing this for "sport" as one of the girls confided to someone. This also lets some of the chief villains of Salem, Mather, Sewell, Putnam (the big bad of the whole story if you ask me) Parris, and maybe just maybe..the girls (or at least some of them) themselves. Some were deluded by their fanatical beliefs..some may have actually instigated this to get back at enemies (Putnam) and some were just caught up in the fever. The girls, some of them may have been hysterical and suffering from PTSS from frontier Indian massacres they survived... others might have been playing it up all along (what a better way to get out of the tedium of Puritan, work, work, prayer, prayer, prayer, then to become "afflicted," and gain the renown of the town and all the communities surrounding it.

    Sorry, I think it is fascinating as you can see, Salem and all of these "visions," which a great deal of the time focus on pre teen and teenagers, most of them girls, in strict drab religious communities. Not that I am comparing Bernadette to Ann Putnam but you get my meaning. I think it is in regard to one of my ancestors. a guy named, get this Hatevill Nutter...(and you pronounce the name Hate Evil) who accused some mouthy Quaker women of being witches...and made them go town to town to receive lashes on their back...which I am sure he watched with perverted interest.

    Which also makes me run from any candidate who espouses "biblical values," whatever that may mean.

  5. The only reason for this post is to pretend Catherine Tate's character 'Lauren' is the possessed student in the story.


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