Sunday, April 10, 2016

A priest comments on Amoris Laetitia ...

In his long, long, long, long letter, Francis speaks of these problems with a refreshing bluntness, and honesty, which I have never seen come from a pope, before. I welcome it. This pope is for real. He is undoubtedly in touch with the reality that we parish priests deal with in marriage, and post-marriage, counseling. It is rare that we can fit, easy and tidy, the mess of love and marriage and divorce and annulment, into the solutions and pat answers that many people think are just that easy. - Fr. Angel

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  1. Such a timely post. Today in my parish bulletin there was an article titled "How to Convalidate a Marriage" and next week there will be an article called "The Basic Steps to Convalidate a Marriage". I hope the next step is to tell couples just living together - with no impediment to marrying in the Church - to call the priest and set up a wedding date.


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