Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pope John Paul II was no mysogynist.

"One day Poodle - you will be wearing white just like me."

Pope John Paul II showed deep friendship with women ...

NYTimes has an article here.

LarryD has an excellent post on the subject here. (He knows what he's talking about too.)

I have to go now because I'm having lunch with all my girlfriends!



  1. I remember reading about her and St. JP II a few years back. I think it is wonderful he had a long friendship with her. She was very blessed to have his love, his regard, his trust. From the looks of things he had hers as well.

    A fine example that a beautiful friendship with the opposite sex is possible without resorting to sex that well, frankly would ruin it all. I know only too well sadly.

    1. oh Yaya I too know only too well. Prayers for you, for great friendships that last forever.
      such grave mistakes we make, all unknowing what Our Lord really had in store for us....if we but heeded the simplest of directions !

  2. Guess my invitation got lost in the mail....

    1. It was a spur of the moment thing. LOL! Actually, I had to take someone to the doctor.

    2. Sure, sure.... Lol!

  3. well Terry you can Always bring smiles to my face ! thanks...
    love the little bunny with the great dr.


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