Monday, February 22, 2016

Interesting factoid concerning Adolf Hitler and why, when the couple got into arguments, Eva Braun would call him "little-man" *


I'm glad you asked.

Hitler 'had tiny deformed penis' as well as just one testicle, historians claim ...
Hitler suffered from a condition called hypospadias which left him with an abnormally small manhood, according to historians Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie - Read more here.
This brings to mind a couple of related stories.

In high school I had a friend whose brother only had one, we called him 'one-ball-Paul'.

These things are very important to men, gay or straight.  In the monastery my novice master wanted to know why I dressed and undressed for work and showers, while keeping my tunic on.  He wondered if I may have had issues with my manhood.  Now I realize it may not have been such an indiscreet question, since the article cited above mentions that Hitler would never let people see him naked.  Now I'm mortified and wish I had exposed myself to my father master and fellow novices so they would know I had no problems that way.  I thought I was simply being modest - I was also anorexic.


*Sorry, sorry, I may have that wrong.  My mother used to do that to my dad when he was about to strike her or pop her lenses out of her glasses, she would say in her most dignified voice: "Unhand me, little man!"  It never turned out well.

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I also read somewhere that Hitler may
have been a gay prostitute when he was younger.
Could simply be a rumor - unless he was a drag?


  1. Did you know that Mozart's piece "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" was first called "Eine kleine Männliches"? But his dad ended up being a d*ck about it, so he changed the title.

    1. Hahahahahahaha! Endless jokes will be coming out of this story, I can tell. I'm watching Kimmel tonight just to see.

  2. Terry - your post is absolutely hysterical, or is that crazy? One Ball Paul? This gives new meaning to calling Hitler a "little weenie."

    My very first little Yorkie (53 years ago now), bred and born in England and imported to the States, had one undescended testicle. What does that say about the English?

    1. What does that say about the English? Pretty much what we always knew. KIDDING! Although they used say on late night talk shows that British men are notoriously bi-sexual. I think I saw that on Dick Cavett - was it Bea Lillie or Noel Coward? Not sure who.

  3. You could have told your novice master that you thought it would be a sin against charity to make your brethren feel inadequate. That would have shut him up.

    1. Perfect, Maria!

    2. LOL! If only I had been that clever. I was blissfully ignorant back then - in retrospect, I think I must have been in a sort cloud of unknowing - I never saw anything bad or 'off' about things. Only afterwards when former novices told me what I missed. God takes care of babies and fools. :)


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