Monday, December 28, 2015

The Holy Innocents ...

After the Holy Family fled ...
the infants were very much alone
 - as if abandoned -
to all appearances.
Yet, to be sure,
neither forgotten nor unloved ...
venerated for all eternity ...
the emergent terror, 
the awful abuse
began at that moment,
and the scars perdure ...

The grace of Christmas - I hope ...

I received the interior conviction that my discussion about 'church people' is not pleasing to God.  Especially my observations about monastic and religious life, and priests, as well as devout laity.

I'm going through archives to delete offensive posts.  If you know of one I may have overlooked, please let me know.

I'm so sorry, and apologize to all.

Please pray for me.  Thanks.


  1. Terry you are in my prayers every day. Please do not be hard on yourself.

  2. A child shall lead them...

  3. Terry,
    A scripture many saints missed and ironically, it is only in the Catholic canon:
    My son, with humility have self-esteem; prize yourself as you deserve. Who will acquit him who condemns himself? (Sirach 10:27-28)
    Older nab is not so good.

  4. Dear Terry, I've read your blog for several years and loved it. Mostly I love it because I feel as if I share in your spiritual journey and see a more authentic version of spiritual journeying than in the lives of the saints or in spiritual advice that, while solid, makes it seem as if a version of perfection will be the norm for those who follow the advice. You know the old "...and from that day forward, St Miscellaneus never committed that sin again" or "Those who pray this novena will never suffer such and such misfortune" when both are patently false and give the wrong idea about the spiritual life, and especially the lives of saints as always progressing upward and upward with only what seem like the most trivial sins to trouble them, or if they are given temptations, either it is extraordinary demonic wildness or countered in some way by direct infusion of graces or divine/angelic action. What I have seen in your posts represents to me a much more honest and inspiring balance and example of a man who tries, fails, gets up again, mends his ways, falls again, answers again the call to conversion in his heart, makes amends and describes his sins accurately, and goes on, all while maintaining the ability to laugh at himself when necessary and not take himself too seriously. I think that a sin on display but repented of may have great inspirational affects on your readers, while only a post hoc description of

  5. The sin and removal of posts puts it into the realm of the more sanitized versions of spiritual life. The caveat I will add to this is that if the Holy Spirit or your spiritual director move you to take them down regardless of my ramblings, then disregard me and listen to them! I just posted this more as food for thought. Peace be with you!

  6. Bill and Stee - thanks very much. I'm not removing the posts because I am so much ashamed of myself - but out of charity and respect for those I mentioned or directed my criticism. My concern is to 'give some sign of my repentance' as well as to make restitution in charity.

    Once a group of religious asked me to remove posts which referred to them, not sure why - but the superior assured me it was because they do not want to be 'online' and that my 'recollections' of certain events may have been inaccurate. I took down every reference I could find.

    It isn't a bad thing to have one's opinion ignored.

    Thanks for your good commentary though - and your friendship.

  7. You're making me think of Cardinal Merry Del Valle's Litany of humility and how I need to start reciting again. Many thanks.


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