Thursday, November 12, 2015

Catholic Investigative Report Update: A man was forced into a van and sexually assaulted by a group of men, D.C. police said. Redux.

A white van ...


Sounds like gay bashing to me.  Story here.


  1. Its those homosexualists...we knew when they would get the right for "Faux Marriage," they would continue to "shove their agenda down our throats," and continue to target Christian's with rape and murder...(not to mention closing cup cake bakeries down.) Thank God for Kim Davis and others, who are Soldiers for Christ and standing in the way of the sodomites and their infamous agenda! Soon they will try to force priests to marrying them ,and I might add, with all the gay priests, you know the ones who caused all this sexual abuse scandals, who were not cathecized correctly and are products of Vatican II the greatest evil to happen to the Church EVER, well, they may just want to go along with it. Very soon they will outlaw Christianity, and natural marriage, and they will come and steal our children.

    I am telling you people, the smoke of Satan has entered the Church, and that smoke is the Sins that Cry to Heaven for Vengeance (I am leaving out the helping the poor thing as that is some Obama socialist crap!!!I don't care about that, all I care about are immorality which by that I mean sex...) Prepare to be persecuted for your beliefs by the politically correct lefties..and oh, I gotta go Rush (five time marrying Rush) is on to complain about this Faux Marriage stuff and he has good ole Newt Gingrich on..who is another fine example of marraige, well, you know, cheating on the wife with cancer but at least it was with a woman....)

    There, I have condensed all the crackpot far right wing enhanced Catholic blogs out there(though my example was one of the saner ones.)

    Actually, it is terrible and it sounds like a gang not EVER get in a car or van when someone points a gun at you, chances are they arent going to take you out for ice cream. And if it is a roving gang of gays, run whenever you see a van and you hear Lady Gaga blasting out the windows and high pitched screaching of "WOOF," etc. Don't think, just RUN!!!!

  2. I forgot to add, throw something shiny "away," for you, its even better if its a nice piece of jewelry, they are distracted easy...or if someone younger and prettier (actually, they don't even really need to be prettier younger will do) is close by grab them, pull them in front of you and run like Hell. I know, its not nice but its the new reality we are living in. Its worse then the Zombie Apocalypse ..

    1. You pretty much covered all the bases - thanks Mack. This post was done to highlight the van. ;)

      A friend asked if I had more information on the original story - I don't.

      The reason it sounds like gay bashing to me is because similar stuff happened in the 1980's-'90's in Minneapolis, at one of the lakes. Joggers were stopped, if they didn't have a wedding ring, the attackers assumed they were gay and raped them. One or two reported instances at the time. The D.C. story sounds similar.



    Is some kind of angry rampaged payback? I watched a televised report on this and looks to me like the cops are baffled too.

    Speaking of baffled, I leave the above link regarding the Monsignor who revealed his gay lifestyle prior to the Synod. Sounds to me like someone has been dismissed outright and now seeks to make himself relevant again ... yawn.

    1. I read that. The Washington Post has another article on him. I felt sorry for him at first - mostly because he abandoned the priesthood. Now I'm disappointed - he obviously has entered the political side of lgbtq vs. Catholic teaching. I think the article you link to has it right - he will end up rather bitter and terribly disappointed in love if he pursues this lifestyle.

      Priests fall away because they fail to enter into an interior relationship with Christ. All the baptized fall away in the exact same way - foregoing the interior life - the authentic interior life. They can devise an artificial even superficial regimen while neglecting to go deep within to encounter the indwelling of the Holy Trinity. That should be the community he participates in first and foremost.

      I will still pray for him.

    2. Well, I think the commentary on his personal life is wishful thinking from the political right...(yes, we all end up alone and unhappy,....) I have to agree that he needs to just shut up. If he wants to be a political activist he needs to leave the priesthood....(don't care if your gay or straight you take a vow you need to keep it..) of if he wants to remain a priest he needs to stick to his orders and make some change from within.

      Dating a priest would be creepy..sorry.

    3. I read that WP too, Terry and sounds like he's on a mission to bitterness and resentment, two things that will truly poison his life when all is said and done. Interesting to note that his actions have spilt the homosexual community.

      I'll be praying for him too since I hope he will stop and heed his bishop's call before it's too late.

      "In a statement, his bishop left the door open for Charamsa’s return to the practicing priesthood should he repent. But it’s an offer, Charamsa told his applauding audience in Spain, that he has declined."

    4. I agree Mack - straight or gay he needs to keep his vow.

      Yep - dating a priest would be weird - for females as well - to be responsible for him leaving priesthood. That's got to be difficult.


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