Sunday, September 13, 2015

If every economic migrant family in Germany took in one war refugee - just imagine ...

Open your arms!

"Why can't you share your bed? The most loving thing to do is to share your bed with someone." - Michael Jackson

Wahhabi and Salafi and Sunni and Shiite in one bed.


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  1. You're right Terry, those young refugee men look healthy and strong. I read on a news site that Hamburg could become Islamburg.

    I was not amused. ;p

  2. Doesn't it seem that if anything could trigger a global economic collapse this displacement of people could? It has to have some pretty massive destabilizing effects at least in Europe.

  3. Is the Holy Father concerned at all with the mass Islamic immigration that has been going on for years? Refugees are one thing, but there are already millions upon millions of Muslims in Europe who refuse to assimilate or even respect their host culture. Islam is the problem, not immigration.

  4. It's ISIS and economic can tell because the guy whose kid has been shown all over the place? He lived in Turkey and was safe, supported by a sister in Canada. These people don't want to go to the first country they reach, they want to go to Germany because the benefits are highest. These are a bunch of freeloaders. I read that the majority are young men of fighting age so why aren't they home fighting? And that women and children have been thrown off boats; these people don't value life.

    I'll pray to St. John de Matha, founder of the Order of the Most Holy Trinity as well as to Our Lady of Good Remedy. Their website has been sanitized but used to state that they were founded to ransom Christian captives in Muslim territories. I don't know who to pray to for freeing Christian captives of Muslims in Christian territories.

    1. Our Lady of Mercy - she is known also under the title of Our Lady of Ransom - we need to turn to Our Lady to obtain peace - under whatever title.

  5. +JMJ+

    About two years ago, when I was discussing unemployment figures in the UK and France with some of my European trainees, I couldn't help but noticing that most of the unemployed youth were second-generation immigrants. Not just Muslims or just Asians, either, but (at least in the UK) also Poles. And I mused that those "better opportunities" their parents migrated to get for them proved to be an empty dream: now they are in the same boat their parents were in.

    (Oh, wait. Has it become too insensitive to mention boats in a discussion of Europe's immigrants? Let me know!)

    Anyway, so much for thinking about the long term, first generation!

  6. Embrithiel, Abbey Roads, I cited you:

    New blog on the kid : Kids or Immigrants?

    I actually cited Mark Shea too, but he won't allow me to comment, so if you could forward so he is duly notified, pls?


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