Monday, July 13, 2015

What Pope Francis might have said to Catholic Bloggers ...

"The devil wants quarrels, rivalry, division ... Don’t let him play with you. Keep working to make progress, together.” - Pope Francis

I may do a list of blogs which should be vaporized.



  1. Do it! People should know who's a devil in sheep's clothing but on the radical misrepresenting traditionalist side!

    Speaking of which, isn't Voris being the hypocrite with that statement?

    1. I'm just fooling around again - couldn't think of what to blog about.

  2. Speaking of messes...did you see this wonderful video where our Holy Father speaks to the Paraguayan youth? The future of the Church? No reports from the questionable sites as to how one could witness the joy and enthusiasm of these Latin American youth? The two youths who shared their testimony with Papa Panchito were moving and reminded me of how faith can move mountains especially with what the young woman had to say.

    Viva Cristo Rey!

    1. I saw that - very cool. I think this has been his best trip to date. When he comes here I hope our Lord pours out thousands upon thousand graces and the entire country is brought to its knees. Wouldn't that be great? The more people get ruffled, the more we examine ourselves and come to deeper repentance. I'm so happy the Pope isn't out to flatter us - he is very prophetic.

    2. Amen Terry! Amen!

      I hope I will be one of the first to fall since I have much to answer for. ^^ I say that with all sincerity and not just pompous bs. ;p

    3. " I'm so happy the Pope isn't out to flatter us - he is very prophetic."

      I thought of our Lord Jesus Christ - of the great prophets Elijah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, St. John the Baptist.

      He is in perfect company then...he loves us all yet he is compelled to speak out so that we might be saved.

  3. Supposing you were made, by Bergoglio, member or head of commission for a possible "Index Prohibitorum Bloggorum" (I don't think there should be one, except for pornography and direct blasphemy, unless the heterodox bloggers shut off combox as well and make corrective comments impossible), I am not sure I would obey your injunctions, but I might be interested in knowing beforehand right now what your verdict would be on mine:

    New blog on the kid / English

    Creation vs. Evolution

    somewhere else

    Great Bishop of Geneva!

    Correspondence of Hans Georg Lundahl / English

    HGL's F.B. writings / English

    Φιλολoγικά/Philologica / English

    Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere

    Antimodernism : Debate on Geocentrism

    as well as:

    Antimodernism : [just the blog, all messages]

    Am I very antagonising?


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