Friday, July 03, 2015

This is important, why? Chairman of Fordham Theology Dept. marries his same sex partner.

Patrick Anthony Bergquist and J. Patrick Hornbeck II 
were married Saturday in Manhattan.
Hornbeck is Chairman of Fordham Theology Dept.

The wedding announcement was in the NYT's wedding section - so chic.

So anyway, Deacon Kandra News posted the announcement - which is where I found it.  Public information is not gossip, right?

I would maybe overlook this news item, knowing there will probably be a lot of these marriages taking place, which is going to be problematic for Catholic institutions - or will it?  However, I think it's important to take note of.

Why this is important.

The man is Chairman of the Theology Dept. at Fordham, that's why.
Dr. Hornbeck, 33, is the chairman of the theology department and an associate professor of medieval and reformation history at Fordham University in the Bronx. He graduated from Georgetown and received a doctoral degree in theology from Oxford University. - NYT
So Catholics are appalled and surprised and shocked that SCOTUS judges legalized same sex marriage.  How is that?  How can you be surprised?  Catholic education has been quietly prepping for this for decades.

The kids are alright?  

The kids whose parents sent them to Catholic school turn out to be very pro-marriage-equality, and very accepting of homosexuality as normal.  How can that be?  The kids went to the best Catholic schools all their lives - including the very best Catholic universities.  How can it be?

The kids become priests, teachers, theologians, religious ed. directors, chancery workers, lawyers, politicians, judges, columnists, writers, activists, and so on.  The contagion spreads like that.

Now, some Catholic bloggers online want the SCOTUS judges to be excommunicated.  You know that's not going to happen.

I think people online are losing it - like a generalized nervous breakdown is occurring.

Watch out who you read and follow - in fact, don't follow anyone online.

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  1. This is a problem. This means that he does not accept the doctrine of the Catholic Church while teaching theology at a Catholic institution. Not good. Would one expect the Chairman of the Department of Surgery at a medical school to practice and teach psychic surgery rather than conventional surgical techniques?

    1. I agree - however - I'll bet they do teach psychic suregery at some med schools. :)

  2. Okay Terry I won't follow you anymore online, bye. Kidding but you realize you are shooting yourself in the foot so to speak?

    1. I'm going to follow Terry anyway, where else am I going to get the humor I need to keep me sane?

      BTW Terry,

      Chairmanships just rotate now among permanent faculty, and so it's not a sign of distinction anymore.

    2. Julian - follow Christ, donate to Fr. Z, but be my friend. ;)

    3. Scott - good to know. He'll get rotated out then... Haha! He's still faculty silly. What?

  3. It's weird how they had to indicate which guy is which and that they have the same first name (though I am sure there are many couples named Pat and Pat out there....) Will they take take each other's last name? That won't be confusing at all! Or will they be Bergquist-Hornbeck or Hornbeck-Bergquist or Bergbeck or Hornquist or ???? I just hope they don't adopt any children - gay marriage is a social experiment and innocent children shouldn't be a part of that.

    1. Does anyone else see the resemblance between these guys and Drew Carey and a young Fr. Z?


    2. Now I cannot unsee it! Brain bleach, brain bleach!!!!

    3. They look like fraternal twins. Same smile, same choice of dress colors and style. Did mummy dress them?

      Were I one of them, I would want my dream man to look like a walking fantasy totally opposite of what I look like. ;p

      I can dream better that way too. (@_@)

  4. How did a thirty-three-year-old get to be chairman of a theology dept.? That's a sign of lack of seriousness right there.

    1. That's what I was going to say! Fordham's theology department is chaired by a 33 year-old? I know the "chair" isn't really the place of honor it used to be--that it's more admin-focused now--but still!


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