Sunday, May 10, 2015

When priests leave...

Or just quit.

I heard from someone that a local priest I knew appears to have left ministry and has a good position with a local business firm.  He was a priest who developed a sort of following right out of the gate as it were.  An excellent priest.  I don't know if he's on leave or if he left for good.  After ordination the Archdiocese paid for further education - as it does for most priests being groomed for more important roles.  It's a nice addition to his resume.

Which brings to mind a few former priests I know of, multiple degrees, doctorates, and so on, all paid for by their respective orders or diocese.  They leave the priesthood and get a fine career.  Some remain priests and are incardinated elsewhere - at least they are still in ministry.  Some are just allowed to gyrovague their way about the globe, pursuing an academic career - or just another career in business, while somehow remaining a priest 'in good standing'.

In this diocese we have a few good priests who are 'benched' as it were, they are not in active ministry, or if they are, it's limited.  It's too bad.  We need priests.

At my parish we will be getting a new pastor - a 2 year old - he's only been ordained 2 years.  That never used to happen - but there is a priest shortage.  Fortunately for my parish the new priest is from an excellent community of priests.  Manly men.  Solid men.  Holy men.  For them, priesthood is a vocation - not a layover on a career path, to be noted on their resume.

One of the group's transitional deacons gave the homily at my parish this weekend.  He's going to make a fine priest.  My heart was burning within me as he spoke.  He knows how to pray - his preaching is proof.

Pray for priests, that they persevere and forsake ambition and worldliness and fame.  Pray for more priests - an increase in good vocations, so that new priests may have time just to be priests.  Pray for priest who love Jesus Christ and will lay down their lives for their sheep - never to run away like a paid hireling.

And never ever say things like "We get the priests we deserve." - God's mercy is not like that.


  1. Toddler priests on parade. My spiritual director gets a parish of his own, too. The other common ground is they're a bit older, with work experience.

    1. The priest I reference at the beginning was older too. He also had work/professional experience. So did others. What can I say?

  2. Are you going to do an investigation on why priests leave? Or just stalk this guy to try to figure it out?

  3. No stalking? How do you expect to have anything to blog about? What?


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