Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

Today is also the anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady at Fatima, Portugal, on May 13, 1917, the date coincided with the feast of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament as well.

The image shown here is similar to the very first picture I saw of Our Lady of Fatima when I was little, and I was immediately attracted.  It is one of my favorites.  I soon learned about the apparitions, the children, and the message, taking to heart Our Lady's request to pray the rosary every day.

Pray for little children who suffer and for those who are abused, abandoned, or neglected - especially those who have no religion and do not know the love of God.

Love little children.  Always show them patience and kindness and always make them feel protected and loved.  Never make fun of them or be mean to them.  Preserve them from vanity, impurity, greed and selfishness.  Teach them devotion to Our Lady and Our Lord.  Teach them how to pray the prayers of the rosary.

Blessed Francisco (9), Lucia (9), and Blessed Jacinta (7).


  1. Has it been May 13 all the time, or has it previously been October 13?

    On the martyrology site, I find the feast on neither date.

    13 Maji Tertio Idus Maji. Luna ...
    xij. A

    Sancti Roberti Bellarmino, e Societate Jesu, Cardinalis atque olim Episcopi Capuani, Confessoris et Ecclesiae Doctoris, cujus dies natalis decimo quinto Kalendas Octobris recensetur.

    Romae Dedicatio Ecclesiae sanctae Mariae ad Martyres, quam beatus Bonifatius Papa Quartus, expurgato deorum omnium veteri fano, quod Pantheon vocabatur, in honorem beatae semper Virginis Mariae et omnium Martyrum dedicavit, tempore Phocae Imperatoris. Ipsius vero Dedicationis annuam solemnitatem postmodum Summus Pontifex Gregorius item Quartus ab universa Ecclesia, et in honorem quidem omnium Sanctorum, Kalendis Novembris agendam esse constituit.

    And 13 Octobris Tertio Idus Octobris. Luna ...

    xij. A

    Sancti Eduardi, Regis Anglorum et Confessoris, qui Nonis Januarii obdormivit in Domino, sed hac die, ob Translationem corporis ejus, potissimum colitur.

    Apud Troadem, Asiae minoris urbem, natalis sancti Carpi, qui fuit discipulus beati Pauli Apostoli.

    Cordubae, in Hispania, item natalis sanctorum Martyrum Fausti, Januarii et Martialis; qui, primo equulei poena cruciati, deinde, superciliis rasis, dentibus evulsis, auribus quoque et naribus praecisis, ignis passione martyrium consummarunt.

    1. I'm not sure. John Paul II, after being shot on this date, added the feast as an optional memorial for May 13 and it was inserted in the Roman Missal in 2002.

  2. My Catholic calendar, picked up at my brother's church this past Christmas, has Our Lady of Fatima for today.


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