Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Screenshot: Pewsniffers Tabloid News

Yeah. So. The photo used below has nothing to do with the headline or the story it is linked to ... Rather, it's a photo of the Holy Father meeting with a former drug addict in Rio. That story here.

Francis Receives 'Former Woman' and 
His/Her 'Wife' at Santa Marta 
... more


  1. What is wrong with this pope? Doesn't he know that some people must be shunned at all costs? After all, there are some sins that to just are not covered by the Blood of Christ, and therefore we must never reach out to them in any way.

    1. I know! How sad. I love the Holy Father reaching out to all!

  2. How Funny that in our language (Spanish) has feminine and masculine words where only one exist in English except this one:'his/her' is just su/su


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