Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I love lambs.

The Pope blesses lambs today on the feast of St. Agnes - find out why here.

St. Francis of Assisi used to cry when he saw a lamb because he thought of the Passion of Christ, the little Lamb of God.  It is said a lamb followed him everywhere he went, another story says it was a rabbit he had rescued from a trap.

Lambs are so simple.  Francis called Br. Leo 'little lamb' because of his simplicity and obedience.

Many know the story of how Francis tamed the wolf of Gubbio, who became as gentle as a lamb.

Today we honor St. Agnes, the pure and spotless little virgin who shed her blood rather than surrender her virginity.

St. Agnes pray for us.


  1. I love lambs, too. as a knitter, I know many others who have lambs, and they treat them with such love - their coats are sheared carefully, then they wear little coats to keep warm until it grows in again....I love it that there are so many people about who do these things, shear lambs, card their wool, spin, weave - the whole thing. When I walked away from drawing and printmaking, I eventually found my way to the fiber-arts people, all very generous with their time, talents, and works....very healing for me. Also the wonderful colors and dyes ! Another small industry growing with groups all around the country, Young People, resurrecting seemingly 'lost arts'.
    I bring knitting with me everywhere I go - it is such a contemplative thing - and often I wonder if Our Lady did weaving ? With Joseph, a carpenter, do you think he built her a loom ? I think about Jesus's woven robe....
    I love paintings that depict knitters, like Mary Cassatt's beautiful works of her family members knitting, crocheting, weaving.....

    1. Lambs always look as if they are smiling to me - they remind me of little Therese who always had a smile on her face, even when suffering. St. Therese also used to address those close to her as 'my little lamb'.


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