Saturday, November 01, 2014

Gay in Christ: Dimensions of Fidelity Conference - pretty one dimensional?

Day One: Gay Celibates in Christ Conference.

A little non-denominational as well?

I'm not on Facebook or Twitter so I may be missing play by play coverage - but I don't think I'm missing much so far.  Interestingly, after looking through the schedule for the Conference I saw no clergy represented, no prayer sessions, and no indication of a Mass in conjunction with the event - no bishop either.  A woman religious who teaches at Notre Dame will be speaking - but that's as close as it gets to a Catholic event.

Which may explain why there is nothing very little on Catholic Internet covering the Conference.

Except Eve Tushnet, and me.

Eve Tushnet posted on the first day here.  The report is literally just notes - not unlike the briefings I'm getting from my guy on the floor - as well as my parody reports and exclusive photos ... which I enjoy doing.  (Although Spiritual Friendship geeks are not known for their sense of humor.)

So what did Eve have to report?
Ron Belgau (my paraphrase): The Bible doesn’t appeal to the Creation narratives to settle questions of scientific curiosity. Genesis 1 is about the liturgical rhythms of work and worship. Genesis 2 is about love, loneliness, and marriage. And the longest Creation narrative isn’t in Genesis but in Job, where it’s used to remind us that God is in control. 
This speech is not a safe space for Protestants. - Tushnet
Maybe not for Catholics either.  My guy had this to say:
"If ONLY you knew how the 1st talk went off: gloves off, slapping back & forth (albeit politely)... DM took him to task and so did DE." - DB on the floor for AB - literally.
I knew DM was going to be there but I did not know DE would be there.  (I had suggested to DB that spanking might be needed, I wasn't thinking of slapping at all.)

So anyway.

So far coverage for an openly gay conference seems to me to be closeted at best.  There was more information forthcoming from the Synod last month than this thing.

If ONLY you knew how the 1st talk went off: 
gloves off, slapping back & forth (albeit politely)

Ed. Note: A serious overview of the Gay in Christ Conference may be found at The Cardinal Newman Society website here.

I didn't know the conference is also billed as a 'workshop':
In correspondence with The Newman Society, Cavadini said that he planned Notre Dame’s “Gay in Christ” conference “as a ‘workshop’ style conference that was exploratory and on the small side, not a conference that proclaims immediate results or even settled views.”
Isn't that the way for everything these days?  Implant, propagate ideas in workshop format - no settled views put forward - while challenging Catholic teaching and insuring there be an endless dialogue in order to facilitate development of doctrine?


  1. I wonder if it was organized (timing wise) in light of the Synod. Curious. I blogged about it today. I wonder where all this is leading.... to the fulfillment of the Akita prophecies perhaps?

  2. There was no challenging of Catholic teaching at all. Completely supportive of Magisterial teaching Bishops et al.

    1. DB - My remark was a generalization - not so much about the conference - but about their paper trail of publications. I can't speak to what is discussed at the conference - because I don't know what is actually being discussed there - do I, My Man On The Floor.


      BTW, Dan said I should tell you to go say hi to him. I bet you already did that though.

      Great updates Poodle!. Is there an open-bar for you and Rosario in between lectures?

  3. That is one of the funniest movie scenes of all time. No one did that look better than Leslie.

    I miss him.

    1. My other favorite is when he was supposedly dancing with her and flipped her in the air and stuff - it was so obviously a blow up doll. He was the best.


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