Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Holy Father's good advice to seminarians.

“Dear seminarians, what you are preparing for is not a profession, you are not training to work in a business or a bureaucratic organization,”
"[T]he seminary is not a refuge for the many shortcomings we may have; it is not a refuge for psychological problems or a refuge for those who do not have the courage to go on in life and see the seminary as a place that will defend them. No, that is not what it is. If that is what your seminary was it would become a mortgage for the Church! No, the seminary is there for people to move forward, along this path and when we hear the prophets exclaim the word “Woe” it should lead you to reflect seriously on your future. Pius XI once said it was better to lose a vocation than to risk accepting a candidate who is not sure. He was a mountain climber, he knew about this things.” - Pope Francis
It is also very good advice for anyone considering religious life.  As the Holy Father pointed out: "There are many ways, in the Church, to bear Christian witness and there are many paths that lead to sainthood."


Unofficial Translation – Ad Usum Privatum
O God, merciful Father,
who choose the small to confound the powerful of the world,
I thank You for having given us, in the seminarian Rolando Rivi,
a testimony of total love for Your Son, Jesus, and the Church,
unto the sacrifice of his life.
Enlightened by this example, and through Rolando’s intercession,
I ask You to give me the strength always to be
a living sign of Your love in the world,
and I beg You to grant me the grace of [here state your petition],
which I ardently desire. Amen
Prayer from Fr. Jerabek's Blog

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  1. Hello Terry, Those very young-men look so happy as they walk together and their religious vestments are very appropriate. I remember reading somewhere that the habit the priest wears gives him a certain spiritual strength, blessing and protection when out in public, too. I love their hats, they're wonderful. And thanks very much for the prayer for the intercession of Blessed Rolando Rivi..


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