Friday, April 18, 2014

Bryan Singer: Accusations of sexual abuse of minors, but he keeps working?

Singer is wearing the shirt.

If he was a priest or a bishop of the Catholic Church, he'd be suspended until proven innocent.

But I digress.

Singer, the famed director of the ever popular X-Men has been accused of sexually abusing a 15 year old boy in the the late '90's with a promise of a part in one of his productions.  It wasn't on a casting couch but at a mansion in LA, in a hot tub.  The mansion was notorious for drugs and sex parties involving under aged boys.  Is Hollywood upset?  Is Hollywood condemning the industry the way the Catholic Church has been condemned?  Is Bryan Singer dragged through the mud, put on suspension, his work boycotted?

What about gay activists and those who claim homosexuals are not interested in under aged boys and that gays have cleaned up their act and just do not do perverted things anymore?

Recently a blogger complained about Disney, corrupting her kids.  Really?  People are only now waking up to the sexual exploitation that takes place in Hollywood?  Are they only now coming to terms with the social engineering and morality changing propaganda that dominates the entertainment media, as well as informs news media?

Bryan Singer allegedly told his victim, "how ‘this group’ controls Hollywood.”  What group was he talking about?  Take a guess.

News story here.  It's pretty disgusting.


  1. "What about gay activists and those who claim homosexuals are not interested in under aged boys and that gays have cleaned up their act and just do not do perverted things anymore?"

    So because some do it, all do it?

    That's the exact same argument that you denounce when used against the Church.

    Come on.

    1. I'm not saying that. As major propagandist(s) who promote gay is good in film and television, these guys are among the leaders who are shaping and shifting the image of homosexuality for general approval.

    2. It's not because 'some do it, all do it".

      It's because it's acceptable behavior in Hollywood. Straight (Roman Polanski, anyone?) or gay. Doesn't matter. Satan doesn't point out the sins of his own demons.

  2. Sounds like another hot tub incident I heard about -- that wasn't really "rape rape" either.

  3. Right on, Terry! The hypocrisy is unrelenting. Take a look at the way Roman Polanski was treated for his heterosexual lust with underage girls. It is all about changing the culture and let's not forget NAMBLA which is becoming ever more mainstream. "Sex before eight or else it's too late."

  4. I don't know, Terry . . . If we can separate the actions of abusing priests from the message of the church (which I assume you do), why isn't it possible to make a distinction between the (alleged) bad behavior of other people, the work and/or art they produce, and the message/s such work and art conveys? I just don't think things are as simple as you make out in this post. Also, I think people (and the church itself) hold the Catholic Church to a higher standard than, say, a particular Hollywood director. I'm not saying this is right, but it's certainly a reality. And given what the church proclaims to preach regarding behavior, it's not difficult to see why.

    I also have to say that I find it troubling that this story seemingly only merits attention as part of an effort to (i) demonize gay men and (ii) portray the hierarchical church as some kind of undeserving victim.

    I'm sure if you looked around you could find plenty of examples of people in the arts (including Hollywood) who attempt to live lives of integrity and whose work celebrates noble and inspiring aspects of humanity in all its wondrous complexity and diversity.

    Happy Easter!


  5. I would be careful on jumping on the "he did it." bandwagon. A priest in Chicago just went through an accusation and he was cleared yet he will always have that cloud over his head. I also dont see how Singer is "shaping and shifting," the culture on "homosexuals." As I said before, what really is bothering the people who actually have been "shaping and shifting," the culture about gays for hundreds of years is that the are no longer in control of the narrative, and that "REAL" gay people living out their lives are what is really shaping and shifting the culture. I didn't know X-Men was gay propaganda or was I missing something?

    Now what do I see..and what we know is that Singer is a guy who likes people younger and prettier just like millions of guys throughout history gay and straight. Singer is a guy who used his money, power and fame to get those pretty things to fawn over him, like millions of guys have done before him, gay and straight. He is a guy who likes to have pictures taken with and host pool parties (in a red bottom pool no less, UGH!!!) for, a bunch of pretty young things who would normally not give him the time of day, like a million guys both gay and straight. He is using that money and power to have sex with a lot of pretty young things, like millions of guys before him, gay and straight. He has allowed his money and power to insulate him so he feels self entitled and invincible, like a million guys both gay and straight.,etc, etc.

    Broadly this (supposing the underage molestation is not true) is an indictment of a male mentality,not specifically gay. Guys like to look, be seen with, touch and have sex with prettier younger people. Not every man, but no one is using their money and power to bag older and uglier no matter what.

    Specifically this is about Singer, himself, and powerful professions, be it Hollywood and Washington who will use money and power to entice people hungry for money and power, to use their bodies and throw their self respect away. Its also about people in those professions closing ranks to protect their own, be it gay or straight.

    To claim this is all about being gay is as absurd as if I claimed that this was all about straight parents all being bad parents. It was straight parents that would let a 14 year old go to parties with older men. It was straight parents who let their 14 fly to Hawaii with an older man, etc. It would be about as absurd as me claiming because of politician Vance McAllister all fundies are self righteous hypocrites bagging their employees in the office, etc.

    We really need to instill in our children a sense of self respect for themselves and their sexuality, so they wont be easy targets to creeps like Singer and his ilk.

    And to call Polanski's rape of a 13 year old girl, simply "lust for underage girls," is really, really out there.

    1. "I didn't know X-Men was gay propaganda or was I missing something?"

      Possibly. It was part of the conversation sometime back in 2011 - one of my commenters mentioned it a long time ago - something about the gay subtext in X-Men. I couldn't find the comment on my blog but found the following after I Googled it.

      ""Um, no offense, but you're wrong. I helped write the movie, and can tell you the gay rights/ post-holocaust Jewish identity / civil rights allegory stuff was all put in there on purpose. Joss Whedon designed the whole "Cure" storyline in the comic books specifically as a gay allegory, and Bryan Singer wove his own feelings of outsiderdom as a gay man into the movie series. The whole "Have you ever tried NOT being a mutant" coming out scene in X2 isn't even particularly subtle, while it is effective.""

      My point isn't limited to the X-Men films but encompasses the entertainment industry in general.

      Oh! Look at the time. Gotta run.

    2. Ah..we are all outsiders.. from homos to people posting on blogs. Queens in the entertainment industry..who woulda thought!!

      Happy Easter Terry and may all your eggs be pink..or lavender or a nice turquoise! : )


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