Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Singing Nun

I bet some people were wondering if I was going to write about Sr. Cristina, huh?

Everyone else seems to have posted on her debut on the Italian version of The Voice.  (I don't watch the American version either.)

She was good.  She sang Alicia Keys really, really well.  When Sr. Cristina was highlighted on CBS News I think they commented on her shoes.  Nun shoes.  Sensible shoes.  Kind of like running shoes.  She wore her habit.  You always hear complaints about nuns not wearing habits - she wore her habit.

I do not have one word of criticism.  She covered it well.  She was sweet and her sisters in the wings were full of joy over her making a splash on television in the recognition of her God given talent, as well as her witness to the Gospel - taking a romantic song and singing it to Christ, her Spouse.  What a novel witness.  The judges and the audience were deeply moved.

Singing nuns aren't new, however.  Monastic communities make albums.  The Daughters of St. Paul sing the Beatles.  Then when I was little, there was the Singing Nun - the Dominican who became famous for "Dominique" - later played by Debbie Reynolds in the film.  Who can forget Sr. Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act - that could be true.

Not a nun, but a friar, Fr. Stan Fortuna, CFR makes music - he's famous for Catholic hip hop.  Then there is the Rapping Padre.

Whatever works.

Unfortunately some people didn't like it.  I agree with Deacon Kandra who wrote:

Many of us have hearts tightly sewn shut—almost incapable of moving, let alone mustering anything resembling a beat. - On that singing nun and the “acid bath of ingratitude”

Song for this post here.


  1. I personally did not care for the music at all, but I am an old fogey. But that is besides the point. I cannot watch this video without tears coming to my eyes, mostly because of the reaction of the Italian rapper. He talked about going to Mass when he was young, so he is obviously a Catholic who has strayed far, far from his Catholic roots. Yet he was so touched by Sr. Christina, first by her music, but then I think by her innoncence and goodness. He was crying real tears.

    I was very glad that she picked his team to be on because she will be working with him. I truly do think this is evangelization on a first class scale. We need to pray that Sr. Christina can remember the real reason she is there and not allow herself to get caught up in the fame which Satan would use to destroy her.

    I absolutely love this story.

  2. One other thing: my husband thinks Sr. Christina and Father Stan should team up. I think that's a great idea! I wouldn't care for the music (although I think Fr. Stan is an extremely talented musician), but I would definitely cheer them on.

  3. When ever I see these kinds of occurrences I'm invariably reminded of :

    “We become real priests when we empty ourselves and no longer seek our own identity, and where we are lifted up to the cross, not going ‘down to people.’ Too many of us today feel we have to be loved; thinking the young will not love us unless we talk like them, eat like them, drink like them, clothe ourselves like them. No! They will not love us simply because we go down; they will love us when we lift them up. Else, the world will drag them down.”
    Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen

    1. And Sr. Christinia is not acting like them at all. That is the whole point. She talks about evangelizing. The rapper said to her that if she sang at Mass when he was a kid, he would still be going. She said, well I am there now. She said she was there because she has a gift. She did not dress, talk and act like other singers we see today. She showed wholesomeness and goodness, and everyone there was very touched by that.

      Would Archbishop Sheen disapproved of Sr. Cristina? I really don't think so. I think he would probably have her on his show. I don't mean to be offensive, but your comment reminds me of the pharisees criticizing Jesus because he socialized with publicans and sinners. Our Lord went out to where the people were, and that is what we need to do. God bless and watch over Sr. Cristina. I do hope she has a very good spiritual adviser.

  4. Terry, you found Sr Pat's recording!!


  5. I did - I stole it from you. I should have linked but I wanted all the credit! What?


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