Saturday, March 29, 2014

Noah missed the boat I guess.

"Drunk Again" - Johnny Bellini

Some people liked the film, others didn't.  I wonder if it is as good as "Waterworld"?  That was so post-Apocalyptic.

Rock people.  


  1. I trust Steve Greydanus' take on it. I can't wait to see it.

  2. Hercules didn't like it.

  3. RE: Waterworld, I just read a synopsis of the plot and apparently they were also ripping off the Wizard of Oz as one of the characters was rescuing a woman and child by hot air balloon but naturally took off without them...

  4. I love that people are escalating their blood pressure over a dumb movie. I love that people are moaning that a movie most haven't seen, is not following "sacred scripture," to the letter. The story of Moses wouldn't even fill an hour I think, much less a two hour one. I always thought that the story of one man, who built a boat big enough to carry one of every two animals (and I would suspect insects too, hey thanks Moses for the mosquitos and ticks when we are hunting) and is supposed to repopulate the earth with just his wife (I am sure she was saying, "Hey thanks God..I did want to spend some alone time in my life...") as he floods our globe..was an allegory. At least that was what the nuns taught us, and unless I was taught by an extremely radical sect of Ursuline nuns, I believe them, especially since they could throw an eraser with pinpoint accuracy. Who knew they were "distorting sacred scripture,"

    Looks like a bunch of bad CGI and if I want to see bad CGI I will stay home, and watch it on TV with a scenery chewing Evil Queen spouting bitchy one liners. And for end of times fun there is always the Walking Dead (season finale tonight!!!)which is light on the CGI but heavy on stumbling zombies who turn stealth when the plot demands it..

    What will the righteous get upset about next? I don't know but it will be sure to entertain.

    1. And I wasn't making fun of scripture..I was poking fun at people who posted online about an allegorial story that people get uptight about it being embellished.

  5. Saw more than half the show last night. DH and I paid $20 a ticket for IMAX showing. Acting was excellent. Special effects were subpar. Seriously. Very thinly veiled contempt for humanity on the whole. Meat is murder. People, even good ones, are no damn good. We walked out. And not for 'religious reasons'. Wish we asked for our money back. It was just an awful movie. I suspect some of the 160 million dollars in production was laundered. It would be a great movie to show film school students what not to do.

  6. It's doubtful there will be as much urine drinking in Noah as in Waterworld.


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