Friday, March 07, 2014

St.s Perpetua and Felicity

The Passion of Perpetua and Felicity and Companions is one of the most authentic and fascinating documentations of martyrs from the early Church on record.  The Passion narrative can be found here.

The martyrs were baptized while under "house arrest".  Both Perpetua and Felicity were mothers, Perpetua, a young woman from a respectable family entered prison with a baby in arms.  Felicity, a slave, entered prison and gave birth to her baby there - amidst mockery and contempt from her persecutors.  The martyrs died after entering the arena to be made sport of by wild beasts.  The two women embraced one another and bestowed upon one another the kiss of peace before succumbing to death.  It is one of the most moving accounts of martyrdom I have ever read - it seems to me there is nothing like it until the 20th century accounts of victims of the various holocausts and persecutions around the world.

Today the Holy Martyrs have been adopted by 'gay' religious people as models of 'gay' spirituality.  It is unfortunate and sad that the love expressed between these woman has been mischaracterized in such a base manner when in fact theirs was a chaste Christian love.  Heroic charity.  The charity of the Martyrs is unlimited however, and I trust SS. Perpetua and Felicity would help those who are misled by the revisionist hagiography to come to a deeper faith and acceptance of Church teaching.

Nothing is impossible for God, when you consider one glance from Christ can convert even the greatest sinners.  Saints such as Ignatius of Loyola have been converted by reading the lives of the saints.  Thus, some may read a fabrication, and upon deeper investigation in the process of devotion, some can discover the truth.

I've discussed the issue of 'gay' saints many times in the past, for the convenience of inquiring minds,  follow the link here.

O most brave and blessed martyrs! O truly called and chosen unto the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ! whom whoever magnifies, and honours, and adores, assuredly ought to read these examples for the edification of the Church, not less than the ancient ones, so that new virtues also may testify that one and the same Holy Spirit is always operating even until now, and God the Father Omnipotent, and His Son Jesus Christ our Lord, whose is the glory and infinite power for ever and ever. Amen.

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