Sunday, January 05, 2014

Twelth Night

My end of Christmas festivities.

It is Twelfth Night and all is quiet - the lights in the windows were removed already and it's too cold to set off fireworks and light torches in the yard.

I like the idea of it however.

One ought to have some fun tonight. 

Carnival season also begins - maybe the Holy Father will oblige his critics and don a papal mozzetta for the season?

Probably not.

If your Christmas wasn't what you wanted, you can try again and celebrate Russian Christmas.  (Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.)  You don't have to convert to Orthodoxy however.



  1. Our Easters fall on the same day this year.

    Pope Francis - Pope of Christian Unity.

    Happy (Quiet) Epiphany Terry.

    1. Our Easters are the same - no matter the date - as are our baptisms and the other sacraments.

      Blessings on Epiphany!

  2. Happy Epiphany! I really love this feast with all its richness--the connection of Christmas-the Magi-the Baptism-the Wedding Feast at Cana. We leave the nativity set up in our Oratory until Feb 2--the 40th day after Christmas.

    1. Happy Epiphany! I too love the feast - it is a very mature feast...

    2. Feliz dia de Los Santos Reyes to you Terry and to all readers/posters of your fine blog. I read the Nativity scene and the Christmas tree will stay up in St. Peter's until Feb.2.

      I made persimmon bread and some warm tea. I wish I could share it with you all. ^^


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