Sunday, January 05, 2014

Mass chat: The Magi were migrants?


That's what I heard.  Today marks the beginning of National Migration Week.


  1. Noteworthy Coptic-figurative imagery - any artist or attribution? You've graciously hosted my ignorant-immigrant (Brit ex-pat) comments in the past yet since I'm new to this +Google verification thingamabob, would you accede to me joining your circle? Buona feste de la Befana!

    1. Clare - glad you noticed the iconography - sorry, no attribution. I love Coptic/Ethiopian iconography. This style is traced to the Jesuit influence in Ethiopia with archetypal reference to the Madonna Salus Populi Romani. It was that icon which Jesuits propagated devotion to in Ethiopia and therefore used as prototype for subsequent indigenous icons in Abyssinian Catholicism. Sorry I do not have historical documentation on hand at the moment.

  2. Nothing zaps devotion quite like reducing the Gospel to the worldly and popular 'cause' mentality.


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