Monday, July 22, 2013

Pope go to Rio.

"I don't give interviews, but I enjoy your company."

Reportedly the Holy Father told reporters that on the plane. 

I've been thinking about the Pope and how he does things.  For instance, 'the I don't do interviews' quip means to me - "This is not about me."  His mission is about Christ.  That's what bothers the Pope I think, when evangelization is more about the person, the personality and the business, than about Christ.  Think how people such as Maciel, Euteneuer, Corapi, and other online Catholics make everything about 'me'.   The Pope doesn't do interviews.  He doesn't do a lot of stuff one expects from 'celebrities'.

For example, he doesn't worry about security.  It's maybe a Jesuit thing - sort of a de Caussade/Walter Ciszek style of abandonment to Divine Providence; so he doesn't ride around in a bullet proof pope mobile.  Maybe he thinks of the priests killed on the street in Muslim countries?  Maybe he thinks if it be God's will...  It is the vulnerability of Christ.  He doesn't carry a gun to defend himself, he walks in peace amongst the crowd - just like the Master. 

Like Mother Teresa, it is obvious - to me at least - that his mission is not about him, or the 'office of the papacy' - it's about Christ and the Gospel... love and mercy.

So.  When we do something, post something, and someone calls us out about it, and we feel personally insulted - that's a sign it's all about you - me.  We aren't doing it for Christ then.

In these days, I think that is what this Pope is teaching us.

Song for this post here.

I will not be dismissed so easily!
I've been insulted by better people than you!


  1. awesome take, keep it up I agree

  2. Thank you for this post Terry. I have been thinking about this very topic lately, but as usual, you put it into beautiful words. I also just read a book by Fr. Ciszek that I picked up at the library, which was incredible (He Leadth Me). I have never heard of Fr. De Caussade...I will have to check him out

  3. Interesting way you've connected the dots on evangelization, Terry, especially the bits about personal insults. Instructive.

    1. I'm glad you noticed. Thanks Larry.

  4. These are some excellent points


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