Monday, April 01, 2013

Action Alert! Boycott Google!

Really?  Really?
Story here.

They're kidding, right?

Sorry we missed it...
But we're really busy right now
still tabulating how many parishes
washed women's feet on Holy Thursday. 

 Patheos is on it! 


  1. Heavens to Murgatroyd, who has this kind of time on their hands? The caption below Bill Donahue is priceless.

  2. Read the article but have come to the conclusion that I Must.Stop.Reading.Com.Boxes. They truly are becoming an occasion of sin for me. I don't know anyone that would talk to another human being in person like they do in com boxes.

  3. Ang - I read the combox on another blog - it was so bad. It depressed me.

  4. The few times I have looked on twitter, I have felt as though I stumbled in to a cesspool. The behavior is outrageous. I feel slightly ill -- I avoid it except to share things occasionally.


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