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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Fr. Michael Fugee's appointment is not prestigious.

Well, that's good news, isn't it.

Dr. Ed Peters has the consoling news:
I am open to arguments that, depending on the facts of the case, clergy convicted of or admitting to sexual misconduct with a minor not just be refused assignment but even be dismissed from the clerical state (c. 1395 § 2), but, that being understood, if canon and civil law allow such clerics any assignment, one can hardly attack a cleric’s appointment as “co-director of the Office of Continuing Education and Ongoing Formation of Priests” on the grounds that it is a “prestigious assignment”. No disrespect intended to the men and women serving in such roles, but, in terms of arch/diocesan structures, such offices rank pretty low on the ecclesial bureaucrat’s prestige list. - Light of the Law
Fortunately most clerics are not interested in career or promotion...

NB:  Priests assigned to desk jobs frequently fill in for Masses and sacraments at parishes within the archdiocese on weekends and when a priest is on vacation. Likewise they hear confessions at the cathedral and elsewhere. Just saying.

Disclaimer:  To be fair Dr. Peters is addressing one of the critics who broke the news, claiming Fugee had been appointed to a prestigious position - he's pointing out that it's not very important. 


  1. I read that earlier and it made me "feel" all better.

  2. Adrienne, I'm with you...


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