Wednesday, January 23, 2013

St. Vincent: Hope for Michael Voris.

St. Vincent of Saragossa

When brought before the Roman governor and ordered to renounce their faith and worship idols, Vincent's bishop was the first to speak.  He defended himself so timidly that Vincent interrupted him, rebuked him for his weakness and proclaimed that "one must cry out against all tyranny leveled against God's ministers."  The narrative from this month's Magnificat indicates that Vincent loudly denounced the injustice perpetrated upon them and was therefore subjected to painful torture unto death.

He rebuked his bishop yet defended the office - God's ministers - at the same time.  Seems to me St. Vincent would be a good patron for Voris.

Did you know Vincent is the patron saint of wine as well?  Which can be a reminder for would-be apologists not to whine if you're planning to call out the bishops.



  1. Think I like St. Vincent! Will drink a glass of wine today in his honor.

  2. A toast! To no whining!

  3. Is that a dalmatic St. Vincent is wearing? Was he a deacon??

  4. Hi Deacon - yes indeed, he was a deacon.


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