Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ze Peup on Tweeter

Yes, yes, yes.  Even TMZ is talking about it.

Now, my angel, I'm waiting for the world to decry the nasty tweets he gets in return.*

You walk into traffic - you're going to get hit.

BTW - I did - my laptop was invaded by a sort of porno virus claiming to be US Government and I'm locked out as it eats my files.

Thank you Holy Mary of Guadalupe for rescuing me from being online!

Let us pray:

Pray for us, and pray for the Holy Father, O Mary, conceived without sin; as Virgin of Guadalupe, you continue to evangelize culture and demonstrate for us how to draw souls to Christ, our Saviour.

*They ought to be beaten with fists!



  1. How do you tell a porno virus from the US government? They seem to look a lot alike.

  2. He'll end up with millions of followers and some will experience conversion, no matter how hard their hearts.

  3. +JMJ+

    In the meantime, did you hear what happened when Justin Bieber tweeted Instagrams making fun of Manny Pacquiao? #MAYHEM (LOL!)

    I'm more interested in the Directioners moaning over the possibility that Harry Styles might date Taylor Swift. Some of their tweets are really funny. =)