Monday, December 10, 2012

Les Miserables 2012

Jean Valjean shot in Walmart parking lot by off-duty sheriff's deputy working security...

An off-duty Harris County sheriff's deputy said Friday that he was afraid for his life when he fatally shot a suspected shoplifter in a Walmart parking lot.

Deputy Louis Campbell was working an extra security job at the store in the 10400 block of the North Freeway about 9:45 p.m. Thursday when he fired the shot that killed 27-year-old Shelly Frey. - Finish reading the story here.
Sounds like over-kill to me. 

When I worked in retail, security guards maybe wrestled people to the ground - but even then, the store could be sued if the suspect was injured.  Security guards were trained to never put themselves in danger. 



  1. The mandates for actual law enforcement people (police,sheriffs, and such), even while off-duty, are different than for private security people who are not in law enforcement.

    What's really ugly is these three women had little children in the car while they were in shoplifting.

  2. When did he fire the shots? As the car was speeding towards him? But if there were children in the car ...?

    Sounds like a case of not knowing details.

    I think shooting may have been overkill, even if the woman was trying to run down the cop, but this woman is going to be hailed as a hero, a martyr, and an innocent victim of police brutality. That is also a tragedy, and as immense a cultural problem as any trigger-happy cop.

  3. "When did he fire the shots?"

    The article says it was about 9:45 PM on Friday.


    If you click on the link the entire story is there.

  4. hahaha!

    No, I did read the article - it's the article that is unclear. They make it sound like she was driving at him, and then he fired at a car full of people and hit the driver.

    But if she was driving at him in reverse, I wonder how he managed that?

  5. Um... they tried to run him down in the parking lot. Also, her "friends" drove her to some apartments and called 911 from there instead of driving her to the ER. They killed, not the deputy.

  6. I had the impression that the kids had been left in the car simply because there was no mention of them when the alleged shoplifters were leaving the store.


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