Monday, October 08, 2012

Here's a thought...

Maybe several thoughts....

I'm getting ready to paint and do fall yard work, so my posts may be short and quick, or long and unedited.  Kind of like how I used to post.  I left a comment on a young bloggers site urging him to stay pure - meaning to keep his writing as clean as it is now - sort of like saying - don't get too polished or audience driven in your writing.  Which reminds me of today's first reading wherein Paul points out that he is not trying to please people, but God.  Ah!  If we all could be so pure.

So anyway.  I don't believe in addictions.  That was how this post was supposed to start - because I told someone I wish I wasn't addicted to blogging.  But I don't believe in addictions per se.  I think we get ourselves habituated to behaviors and substances, and then become a slave to it, and if it is a chemical dependency, it becomes addictive - but other behaviors identified as addictions, not so much.  Habitual sinner works for me.  One can be a slave to sin, shackled to the point it seems freewill is gone, but Christ can free us - if we want him to.  Sometimes he lets us struggle for a really long time though. 

Thus I must want to blog and do not want to give it up.  Therefore I may simply need to mortify the vain joy I derive from it... or something like that.

Blogger editor is not cooperating today so I can't waste anymore time on this.  FYI: It now takes twice as long to compose a post on new Blogger.

Art:  Minnesota artist, Luke Hillestad.  Hillestad studied with Odd Nerdrum.  Hillestad is now one of my favorite artists.

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  1. At least we are still better off than those prissy WordPressers....


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