Monday, October 08, 2012

50th Anniversary of Vatican II

Believe it or not, I'm re-reading sections of Archbishop Weakland's memoirs concerning the events which took place and/or resulted because of Vatican II.  I'm reading Weakland's memoirs as the synod in Rome convenes and bishops wonder how it all went so wrong. Smile. Like they don't know

While Cardinal Wuerl puzzles:
"Somehow we were to be catechizing without content," the cardinal said, describing what he called a widespread attitude at the time. "Somehow there was supposed to be communicated some experience, some idea that God loves us, we love God, but it wasn't rooted in the creed..." - CNS

You don't say.

Editor's note: I apologize if I sound negative, but someone just sent me a link to a defamatory article about a retired Cardinal.

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  1. Egads, I just read the link. I think more so than VII was the appointment of terrible men to the episcopate.


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