Sunday, July 15, 2012

Squirrel haters.

Sad story.

I was out mowing my lawn and a woman stopped by to talk to me.  One of us brought up our love of wildlife and the topic of squirrels came up.  She told me someone in the neighborhood has been shooting them.  "I knew it!"  I told her.  I also told her how I had seen wounded squirrels over the winter - and now - I haven't seen any.  It's been like a holocaust in the area - a deliberate, systematic killing.  Rabbits too.  And I haven't see the wild turkeys for months...  It's eerie!

They came for the squirrels, and people said nothing...


  1. had me pulled into this one lol. Then I was thinking WHERE in Minneapolis would such a thing happen?! I was thinking is he in Isanti county some place?

  2. "They came for the squirrels, and people said nothing..."

    Only here would one find such humor. I love it.


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