Sunday, July 08, 2012

Mass chat. Playing dress-up and pretend...

The woman Folly is loud;
 she is undisciplined
 and without knowledge.
-Proverbs 9:13

I have nothing to add to the discussion on women pretending to be priests - Fr. Z and TheLarryD pretty much cover these issues as they arise on their blogs. They do a good job too.

Although I would like to make an observation regarding the photo:  How can anyone take their mock 'masses' or pretend 'liturgies' seriously?  And why?  Such farces* make a mockery of liturgy and ritual - they take the form of religious cult but deny its power, its efficacy, in the process.  Their inclusive 'celebrations' are ritualized, politicized, mythologized, new-age minstrel shows, performed by ditzy, barren, lace-curtain hags**.  Their mock masses resemble images from the Tarot, rather than the Catholic Mass - wherein they can impersonate and play the part of the Priestess and the Magus - yet they can never, ever act in Persona Christi.

I find no humor in it at all.

*Farce: A ludicrous, empty show; a mockery. - Online Dictionary

**A hag thought of as a 'wizened' old woman, or a kind of fairy or goddess having the appearance of such a woman, often found in folklore and children's tales.  Hags are often seen as malevolent, but may also be one of the chosen forms of shapeshifting deities, who are seen as neither wholly beneficent nor malevolent - in other words, barren or sterile, ineffectual. The term appears in Middle English, and was a shortening of hægtesse, an Old English term for witch.  As a stock character in fairy or folk tale, the hag shares characteristics with the crone, and the two words are sometimes used as if interchangeable. - Wikipedia


  1. Looks like a St Joan of Arc gathering...... you made me laugh out loud with this...

    "Hags are often seen as malevolent"

    Yes, all to often this is true...

    1. I forgot to credit wiki for that part - I'll do it now.

  2. Brian2:22 PM

    haha- look at that college or high school kid on the right with the look of indiffence/disdain. I suspect his mom made him go and then you wonder why so many young people are confused and have disdain for the Catholic Faith- which is not the real Catholic faith since they were never taught it. God will be merciful on them as Fr. Groeschel points out- the old hags pretending to celebrate Mass- that may be a different story! Lord have mercy on us all!

  3. Brian2:25 PM

    and the big black puppets in the back with the peace sign- what is that a vision of one of the levels of Hell? when banality and foolishness and bad taste will reign supreme!- even their faces are contorted! Can't these people see what fools they are- even in a worldly sense??!!!

  4. Amen, brother.

  5. Praying for these people would be more Christ-like than the mockery pouring out of some mouths. For shame.


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