Wednesday, July 04, 2012

In gratitude to the Blessed Virgin Mary, for prayers answered.

Missing 5-year old Wisconsin boy, Scotty Meyer found safe.
About 1,000 people and lines of cars gathered outside the home of a missing 5-year-old boy near Prescott. Volunteers spent hours searching yesterday, and officials now say Scotty Meyer has been found safe.

Other than some mosquito bites and lack of water, officials say Scotty was doing fine. He was reportedly found near Phillips plastic by the bluffs area by volunteer Jason Moser and his dog, a golden retriever named Autumn. The area is about a half mile from his home.
Scotty has autism and disappeared from his family home in Oak Grove, Wis., Tuesday before noon.

Officials organized the search operation at a command post near the Meyer’s home. They sent volunteers home overnight, but about 20 people – including law enforcement, airplanes, and firefighters – still working tirelessly Wednesday to find Scotty.

Scotty is the youngest of three boys with autism. He can hear and sometimes makes sounds, but he doesn’t speak. He was last believed to be out in the front yard of his home at N4842 1165th Street.

Scotty’s mom thinks he snuck out when an air conditioning repairman was coming and going at the home before noon. The search started soon after.

People drove in to help – some on ATVs, others on foot or even horseback. The area has a difficult terrain with cornfields and steep river bluffs not far off. Some searchers were even taken away by ambulance for heat exhaustion.

In thanksgiving to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady, Queen of the Angels, for prayers granted. 


  1. Beautiful ... Thanks to God, & all who prayed and for those who gathered from the community to assist!

  2. Thanks be to God for His great mercies and may our Blessed Mother cast a mantle of protection around this child.

    1. That is how I prayed last night, and I really think she did cast a mantle of protection because when he was found this morning he hadn't suffered much at all from mosquito bites - the mosquitos are terrible this year, and I thought were he to be found alive he would be eaten up - and he wasn't.

    2. I was wrong - turns out he was covered in bites - poor kid.

  3. Anonymous6:49 PM

    We live in the area and aided in the search yesterday. I have never seen anythink like it in my life. I saw people overcome with heat exhaustion who fought to stay and look, women and children hike through deeply wooded ravines, people cry when we were asked to leave at dusk, and groups of complete strangers gather in circles for prayer. There truly is still goodness in the world. I prayed mightily to Our Lady for Scotty's safety and protection and also called up St. Anthony to help us find him. When we left last night, we asked his Guardian Angel to stay with him through the night and comfort him. Praise God for his safe return.

    1. I was so happy so many people turned out to help find the boy - it is encouraging.

  4. Praised be Jesus and Mary!


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