Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Detroit may become Zombie theme park named ...


The former J.L. Hudson Dept. Store, Downtown Detroit,
future home of Z-Land.  I know!

It's like a dream come true for so many!
Derelict areas of Detroit face being taken over by hordes of 'flesh and brain-eating zombies' if an ambitious business plan takes off.

Entrepreneur Mark Siwak wants to create live-action terror theme park 'Z World' on Motor City's run-down and abandoned streets.

Customers would pay to be chased by professional actors and try to seek shelter in ghostly homes, factories and businesses.

Curbed Detroit blogger Sarah Cox said the plan 'sounds a lot like all that fun we had during the 1960s race riots'.

She added: 'It's nice to know Z Land is finally going to capitalise on our love of adrenaline rushes and nostalgia. Now even visitors from the 'burbs can 'wonder if they will make it through the night.' - Source
I'm told this is the Mayor's mansion.

Happy 4th of July, Motown!  Eat your heart out Wally World. 


  1. Is that Fr Z's house?

  2. Actually, Ter, I believe that's the old JL Hudson's warehouse, as the department store has been razed, and used to be on Woodward downtown.

    I'm intrigued by the plan. At least the developers won't have to spend a lot of money making the property look like a desolate post-apocalyptic wasteland...

    1. I forgot about that - so many years since I was in Detroit. Dayton's bought Hudson's of course and then they both died. Sad.

  3. Truly this is a repulsive idea. My daughter and I reflected on this going to Mass and we both concluded this offers absolutely nothing to the souls of Detroit. Nothing like heaping more death images to an area that has experienced so much spiritually and physically.

    My daughter wondered what sort of minds/hearts will be attracted to such thing in such a grand scale? Both employees and participants?

    She noted that one of the local seasonal haunting entertainment places has had a few drug raids and other problems ... She could image easily how such activity would be seeded in this major production of darkness, alone with other possible horrors not planned in the 'script' of the owners.

    Terry, you mention 'luxury', does 'entertainment' fall under luxury of this sort, too?

    Yes, raze abandon buildings and make them 'green' spaces until a healthy and hopeful idea comes their way.

    1. I couldn't agree more - I think it is a shame how cities increasingly depend on sports and entertainment along with casinos to rebuild themselves... enriching a few at the expense of many. Isn't that how the Roman emperors won over the crowds?

      I'm sure you noticed how Mpls expands the entertainment areas and sports facilities - with ever growing support for adding a casino. This isn't luxuria - it is greed/avarice, plain and simple.

    2. I recall reading a column or two, along with published rebuttals a while back on the topic of 'Stay-at-Home' moms debating if it was a "luxury" or not etc. The varied thoughts expressed on that unnerved me a bit. This posting on the ever-expanding 'entertainment' field and the types of entertainment made me think of 'luxury of leisure' and ask, what is true leisure, and think of the almost infinite ways souls spend their leisure time.

      While I understand 'greed/avarice' might behind the idea, I still think 'luxury of leisure' is another point in this tale.

  4. Anonymous1:09 PM

    i think it sounds like a great idea. i would love to go to something like this, and i know a lot of people who would go with me

  5. When does it open .....


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